CareerBuilder Talent Network

An optimized career site aimed to capture more candidates and automatically engage with the talent pool.


With a powerful network of more than 3,000 career websites and talent network members in almost every country, CareerBuilder Talent Network is the solution to build a robust, job-ready talent pipeline for the future. What’s more, it is optimized for easy interaction on any device and designed to decrease candidate drop-offs and increase application. So, whether you need to hire candidates from just around the corner, or somewhere across the globe, CareerBuilder Talent Network will take the candidate interaction of your organization to an all new level.

CareerBuilder Talent Network is a part of the CareerBuilder Technologies suite of solutions that bring together all the tools you need to manage the entire recruitment process.

How CareerBuilder Talent Network works

Once the candidate submits a resume or subscribes to the talent network, he or she is automatically enrolled to receive new, open positions as they become available. With some of the highest email open and click-through rates in the industry, CareerBuilder’s proprietary matching technology ensures that you maximize your recruitment investment by helping passive candidates remain engaged and apply when the right role presents itself.

CareerBuilder Talent Network Features

Optimized career site

Drive candidates to search, join your talent network and apply for jobs on a career site built using 20 years of insider research, optimized for any device.

Text to join

Allow candidates to join your talent network while on the go through a custom SMS code via text to join add-on feature.

Talent network

Build your talent pipeline through applicants and candidates not ready to apply by allowing them to join your talent network in just a few clicks.

Premium edition

Create a fully customized career site that showcases your employment brand and initiatives with CareerBuilder Talent Network’s Premium edition.

Candidate re-engagement

Deliver new, relevant open positions to your talent network with automated emails powered by CareerBuilder’s proprietary matching technology.

Global reach

Powers 3,000 career sites in 30 languages to deliver your message around the world.

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