CareerBuilder Branding Solutions

Attract and hire the right candidate, at the right time, one of India’s largest candidate marketplaces.


Finding the right candidate becomes easy when you know where they are. And Branding Solutions from CareerBuilder has been developed for just that – to fuel your recruitment strategy. Command the attention of your ideal candidate and highlight your company’s employment brand and get immediate exposure to your opportunity with custom, targeted media campaigns. It’s what we do best, so you can find the best.

How Branding Solutions works

91% of workers believe that a company’s employment brand plays a very big role in their decision to apply for a job, while 29% of job seekers don’t think employers do a good job of reinforcing why their companies are a good place to work. Branding Solutions allows you to showcase your employer brand to potential candidates by customizing the look of your job postings, communicating more information about the brand and developing a connection with the job seekers. It maximizes the effectiveness of job postings, strengthens the employer brand and engages with the potential employee from the very beginning.

Branding Solutions Features

Showcase company culture

Through Job Branding, job seekers know more about company and understand the culture/opportunity, creating an initial filter to identify the best candidates for the position.

Custom branding

Companies with unique brand messaging to differentiate from their competitors.

Fits all sizes

Allows small companies compete with bigger name competitors by having a platform to tell their story and engage with candidates.

Better quality candidates

Companies get more quality candidates that weren’t considering their employment.

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