Top 8 Social Recruiting Tools Employers Can’t Afford to Ignore

By Published May 10, 2017
Social Recruiting Tools

Social recruiting is not a cake walk for employers and recruiters as it thrives on frequency, structure, reliability and consistency. However, developing a successful strategy is not enough until it is accompanied by a perfect set of social recruiting tools to obtain desirable results.

Today, recruiters know how to leverage the social media best, but they are also busy. Furthermore, it is complex to understand where and how such social media should be used in recruiting to source and hire the talent faster than the competition.

In the scenario, leveraging the right tools can save time, make the job easier and maximize the efforts.

Social Recruiting Tools – Going Forward

In social recruiting domain there are hundreds of apps, plugins, tools and extensions, but here are top 8 social recruiting tools to help you source and recruit top talent efficiently and quickly.

Disclaimer – LinkedIn is not a part of the list as we all are quite familiar with its features and what it can do for recruiters. Therefore, in the following blog, we will expand our horizon , think beyond LinkedIn to learn more about other social recruiting tools to source best candidates efficiently.

Social Recruiting Tools

1. Facebook Marketplace

As the name suggest, Facebook Marketplace is designed to buy, sell and discover items with people in your community. However, recruiters and employers leverage this platform to post a job. The job ad requires some necessary details including, title, job category, location, description as well as allow the user to attach an image to a post.

Type – Free
WebsiteFacebook Marketplace

2. SocialReferral

It is an exciting recruiting tool packed with features for both recruiters and employees. Recruiters only required to post a job on this platform, and employees further share it on their respective social channels. It is an intriguing combination of social recruiting + Employee Referral Program. The point and reward system with interactive user interface makes it a fun tool for everyone within an organization that helps recruiters to source great talent efficiently and cost effectively.

Type – Paid

3. About.Me

Whether you are an entrepreneur or talent magnet, is a great platform to find professionals of your interest. Freelancers, side-hustlers, and entrepreneurs create a page about themselves to get more clients and grow their audience. It is an excellent source to reach potential candidates for positions like temp hires and temp-to-hire.

Type – Both Free & Paid

4. BranchOut

It was a Facebook application designed for recruiting employees, networking professionally and finding jobs. In 2014, it was acquired by HR software firm 1-Page. It allows professionals to create their profile including work experience, education (only professional information is accessible).

Also, enterprise offers two products for recruiters:

Job postings – It lets recruiters post jobs on Facebook fan page quickly.

RecruiterConnect – It enables recruiters and hiring managers to search the BranchOut database to find relevant candidates.

Type – Paid

5. Rapportive

Rapportive, which is now a part of LinkedIn. After the acquisition, this tool lost some of its features, but still, it is an excellent Gmail plug-in. With Rapportive you can easily view LinkedIn profile details of any person you were either opening an email from or sending an email to – all within Gmail itself.

The ultimate benefit of using this tool is it keep reminding to connect with more and more LinkedIn professionals and that too from the comfort of your email.

Type – Free

6. Streak CRM

It is a handy tool that recruiters can use to manage the entire recruitment process without the hassle of switching from email to external ATS. Once Streak is installed for Gmail, it empowers recruiters to manage the whole process efficiently without wasting time trying to learn another new piece of software.

Type – Free
Website – Streak

7. Evernote

If you are a social recruiter, then Evernote is your must-have “on the go” accessory. It enables you to access all your resources and notes wherever you are. If you have the subscription of Evernote Business then you can leverage the following features:

– Tags
– Checklists
– Note sharing
– Reminders

Type – Both Free & Paid
WebsiteEvernote for Recruiting

8. Prophet

It is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you to uncover more information about the potential candidates. Prophet by Recruiting Blog help you reveal people’s email addresses and in some cases their phone number.

Type – Free

Whether you are a seasoned professional or beginning your social recruiting expedition, these eight tools will jump-start your efforts in developing a strong social recruiting strategy and attractive employer brand. Starting with free tools is always a safer bet to test the effectiveness and subsequently move to premium tools once the foundation is laid and positive outcomes are evident.

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