Best Questions to Ask While Hiring Temporary Employees

By Published May 11, 2017
Temporary Staffing

These days, just like western countries, Indian businesses have also opened up to the idea of temporary staffing or contractual hiring. Of late, the temp staffing sector in India has grown rapidly with more and more companies resorting to this kind of a recruitment strategy. The rapid evolution of industries like pharma, healthcare and IT has been instrumental in giving the temporary staffing segment a substantial fillip.

However, employers are still struggling with a few challenges while it comes to temporary staffing. Sourcing candidates for the temporary position are something that companies still find it difficult.

Nonetheless, if an employer makes some substantial effort and knows what questions to ask, she/he will be able to hire the best possible candidate for a temporary position.

So, what do you need to ask? Here’s a look:

Temporary Staffing

#1. Why do you want a temporary position?

This is the single-most important question to ask a candidate while considering temporary staffing. Even in changing times, job seekers still prefer permanent job positions. So, what is that motivates them to take up a temporary position?

Do they like moving around? Are they only checking different industries or are they so much in admiration of your company that they are willing to take up temporary staffing positions?

Answers to these questions will throw light on how the candidate views the job opportunity and what are his expectations from this temporary job position. Try to gauge as to whether they will be interested in a full-time position going forward.

#2. What do you expect to learn from this temporary staffing position?

This question is also of importance because you never know the candidate you are interviewing is considering an industry change. In that case, as an employer, you not only be able to judge what drives the candidate to take up a temporary position. Also, you must try and assess what he or she intends to learn to be a part of your organization and temp project. If you see, the candidate has been able to come up with a convincing answer and is admittedly intend on acquiring some new skills through the offered position; then you may consider sealing the deal.

The most significant aspect of choosing to work with temporary staffing is to recruit candidates who want to use the temp job as an excellent opportunity to learn. Even if their skills are not the perfect fit for the role, hiring a candidate who is self-motivated and willing to learn, can help your client jump the skill gaps and emerge as one of the most valued hires within your organizations.

#3. The future transition to a full-time position. How does that sound?

This might not seem like the typical question to ask while hiring for a temporary staffing. But it again has its benefits such as—if the candidate expresses a keen interest in learning new skills and things from the position, he might become a good choice for a full-time position.

Not every company will want to transform a temporary staff into a permanent employee. However, there’s no harm in inquiring or asking a prospective job candidate about his/her plans of joining a full-time position and the idea of gradual transformation of a temporary position into a permanent one.

Apart from the questions as mentioned above, an employer can choose to ask questions like the ones given below:

i. What keeps you motivated?
ii. What according to you is the ideal work environment?
iii. Describe your personality in three words.

Understand that any employee you hire—whether it is a temporary staffing or for a permanent position, they are of significance to you. So, always give them the respect and the regard they deserve. This way, as an employer you will not only be able to gauge the candidate properly but will also end up hiring the best possible candidate for your organization.

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