Here is why Talentstream Resume Parsing is the future of Recruitment Technology

By Published July 21, 2017
Talentstream Resume Parsing tool

In today’s recruiting world social media recruiting and online recruitment have become the order of the day. Web sources like social networking sites, job boards, blogs, professional networking sites, wiki, blogs, forums, search engines, etc. have now become the hunting grounds for recruiters to look for resumes. However, the challenge here is how to parse resumes and transfer the candidate information into the database in a more structured manner.

Surveys reveal that recruiters spend most of their valuable recruiting time to extract resumes and transfer applicant’s details to the database. It is one of the reasons that smart recruiters invest in Resume Parsing software to make the most of their opportunities.

An overview on Resume Parsing Software

A resume parsing software automates the resume data extraction and helps recruiters speed up the hiring process. However, Talentstream Resume Parsing is more than just a parsing tool. It uses highly accurate multilingual CV parsing technology and can be easily incorporated into any recruiting process.

Why should you invest in Resume Parser?

==> It is powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which makes it the most “accurate” parser on the market.

==> It can seamlessly integrate into the back-end of any ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or CRM (Candidate Relationship Management). Also, it can be added to the front-end of a career site.

==> Data extracted from the social profiles or resumes can be customized according to the requirements of your current HR system or database fields. It let you build an optimum resume database ideal for sourcing, analysis, and reporting.

==> It is also equipped to analyze each resume it process in great detail. This allows the software to accurately recognize and extract all the information contained in a document.

==> Additionally, it is capable of handling a wide array of commonly used document formats including, DOCX, DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF, TIFF, XML, and EML.

For Resume Parsing software PRIVACY is paramount and comply with a strict privacy agreement. It is possible to use this software both as a locally installed (on-site) or a web-based version.

In the following infographic, let’s have a quick look at unique features of Resume Parser that make it better than other available CV parsing tools in the market today.

*Talentstream Resume Parsing now become CareerBuilder Resume Parsing.

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