Talent Discovery – A Comprehensive Talent Delivery Tool

By Published November 8, 2017
Talent Discovery

HR practitioners across the globe are continuously engaged in the activity of sourcing the best talent, given the constraints of time, money and availability of right talent. This is a time intensive one. Research shows that on an average a recruiter spends five hours a week on as many as 10 or more recruiting systems and logging on or out of it. The time invested is multifold when you have a bunch of requisitions to fulfill. A slew of administrative and research-oriented tasks typically make up for the day without much delivering on the right-find or the right talent.

Talent Discovery

If you are a corporate recruiter, you face the pressure from business and if a recruiting agency, time is always short on delivering on the required no of candidates. Skills aside, It is evident that a lot of success depends upon what kind of tools are used, when it comes to winning the war for talent. Another continuous exercise is to upgrade their processes and align their systems with the requirement of the business they are into. This requires scouting for the best HR technology that is accessible & is able to deliver on the promises of the present scenario.

In recent times, candidate sourcing has transformed from a time-intensive exercise to a time-efficient one, and it all depends upon the selection of the right tools. In a best-case scenario, it goes a notch above to automate the candidate sourcing process and deliver the right matched candidates faster.

Besides matching the candidates to job postings and engaging with the right ones, what if you could get the best of recruiting systems at one place on a combined platform where you experience increased efficiency from your team of recruiters. Talent Discovery is one such platform that provides access to dynamic market data through the demand & supply positions as well as a mix of recruitment tool which can be a one-stop shop for most of the recruiting needs. This holds true with a plethora of integration options that the platform is equipped with and it translates into more value for the end user of the product.

First, it offers standard API integration with most common ATSs available in the market – To name a couple of them – Taleo Enterprise Edition and Bullhorn as well as CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking (earlier known as Talentstream Recruit). With ATS sync, recruiters can import candidates directly from their ATS to Talent Discovery to easily search previously acquired talent and view candidate status. The platform works as a recruitment CRM without much complexity along with automated sourcing and needs lesser time as the data is pulled from existing or past resume data sources. This translates into direct efficiency in sourcing costs as less number of logins or recruitment tools will be required and lesser time to hire, a critical metric within sourcing. With more time on hand, recruiters could research a bit more on markets, proactively source from other online resources or inward sources and be more productive. Eventually, the number of external vendors is reduced too as a dependency from multiple resources is lessened to only a handful.

Talent Discovery helps identify the candidates from the internal or existing data first which could be previously acquired resumes and already available records within your ATS and reduces the candidate drop off rate from the engaged candidate pool as it continuously updates the candidates about open positions. This improves the efficiency of the sourcing process leveraging the automation technology. It enhances the flow of interested candidates, and the recruiters can share a reliable prediction of closures to line managers.

According to Kyle Lagunas, Research Manager at IDC,

“CareerBuilder is focused on more than making recruiters efficient – they’re trying to help recruiters become more effective in an increasingly complex hiring climate.”

The platform is capable of giving specific drill-down of available candidates. This is a significant relief to recruiters as they can strategize well and hire smartly with the help of access to timely market information through the Supply & Demand interface. This is particularly helpful when they need to engage in new geographies and the average compensation required for the available talent. At the same time, they have information about competitive insights into talent availability.

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