Human Resources: Best Subjects that can Help Shape Your Career – Part 2

By Published June 9, 2017
Learning and Development Courses Part 2

We continue with our second post on learning and development courses about human resources. As mentioned earlier, there are certain courses and subjects, pursuing a degree that can help individuals end up with a career in HR. In the first part, we discussed three subjects – viz. Social Work, Industrial Psychology, and Organizational Behavior. In the second and the final part, we will explain three more subjects/specializations related to HR.

These are explained in the paragraphs below:

Learning and Development Courses Part 2

#4. Sociology/Anthropology

The fields of study – Sociology and Anthropology are also applicable to the area of HR. It goes without saying that, candidates looking specifically for learning and development courses in HR, can choose to opt for specializations in Sociology if they intend to pursue a career in personnel management.

In Sociology, one typically studies about the society, people and their behavior as against the society, race, gender, culture and also the workplace. Course modules in Sociology, often require students to work on communications skills and, process and analyze data. This kind of training will prepare you well for the job ahead, especially in HR— where you would be required to process resumes and application papers, manage candidates’ and employees’ all kinds of information and even help employees solve their problems.

Similarly, the study of Anthropology is also applicable to the field of HR. While the subject deals with the study of humans and their past and present relation to the society. It often deals with the study of tribes as well. However, it does have certain similarities with the study of Sociology – like dealing with humans and studying their behavior as against certain societal circumstances.

However, since you will not have a formal HR specialized degree, the best course of action would be to opt for internship programs at corporate organizations before taking up a full-fledged HR job. Internships help you learn about workplaces and organizational cultures and hone your skills before you end up applying for an HR job.

#5. Psychology/Social Psychology

Psychology and its sub-fields, like Social Psychology, are also equally relevant if someone wants to build a career for themselves in the domain of HR. Typical jobs in human resources often look for candidates having a degree in Psychology. It often helps to have HR people well-versed in Psychology because it enables them to understand the psyche of employees, which is frequently required to develop organizational policies and benefits. It becomes much easier when HR professionals have a thorough understanding of human behavior and their psyche, especially within a workplace.

Similarly, Social Psychology is also a chosen subject for HR learning and development courses. A degree or a specialized course on this subject can also help candidates land up with a proper human resources job. The study of Social Psychology is of significance because it deals with assessing and understanding human behavior as against various societal constructs. And workplaces of all kinds are inherently social constructs. Social Psychology analyzes how people behave at their respective workplaces and how corporates often end up defining the very existence of an individual and vice-versa.

#6. Industrial Management (Industrial Relations and Labour Laws)

While there might not be major degree courses available, but a diploma and certificate courses in Industrial Management (IM), or on Industrial Relations and Labor Laws (IR&LL) are also among the sought-after HR learning and development courses. The study of Industrial Management pertains to the study of the relationship between an employee and the management.

With the passage of time, the realm human rights have become adamant, and therefore, the study of industrial relations and labor laws have also gained considerable significance. Since industrial relations have become a complex and delicate issue for the modern society, professionals such as labor relations manager (a form of HR personnel) are often in demand across industries.

Courses in IR&LL and IM train people to understand the complex relations between employees and management and attempts at analyzing conflicts arising owing to different power structures within an organization.

From the information derived from this two-part series on HR learning and development courses, it can be deduced that, if you are an HR aspirant or have just started your career in HR and want to improve your skills more, you may choose to pursue a course on any of the subjects listed in this post.

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