Human Resources: Best Subjects that can Help Shape Your Career – Part 1

By Published June 5, 2017
Learning and Development courses

It is often stated that individuals who like dealing with people, they must consider a career in human resources. However, that is just a part of all the qualifications required to succeed as an HR professional. Needless to say, human resources (HR) is a vast field and offers ample opportunities to those seeking to carve out a career for themselves in this domain. The best part about HR jobs is every industry is always in need of HR professionals, thereby increasing the demand for HR jobs across industries. There are ample learning and development courses available across industries and scholastic domains, that can help an individual pursue a career in HR.

Learning and Development courses

With the intervention of new technologies such as HR analytics, robotics process automation (RPA), big data analytics has redefined HR processes to a considerable extent. New job roles such as employee engagement specialist, people analytics director are on the rise. Pursuing certain learning and development courses can actually further enhance job opportunities for aspiring HR professionals.

In such a functional domain, HR professional aspirants who want to carve out a niche for themselves can do so by pursuing a few specialized learning and development courses at their undergraduate and postgraduate levels. While MBA or BBA in human resources is one of the major courses, a degree in a few other subjects can help you break into a career in HR.

Here’s a look:

#1. Bachelors/Masters in Social Work

These days, a degree in social work opens up a lot of opportunities in HR. While a bachelors’ in Social Work (BSW) or a Masters in Social Work (MSW) might not be as attractive as an MBA in HR, but career opportunities are galore in the domain. Some of the specializations in social work are explained below:

• Personnel management
• Human resource management
• Industrial Relations and Labor Welfare
• Urban and Rural Community Development
• Family and Child Welfare
• Criminology and Correction Administration

Specialization in any of the above disciplines can ensure an excellent career opportunity in the domain of Human Resources. These courses ensure proper learning and development among individuals in the domain of HR and thereby help pursue a career in the field.

#2. Industrial Psychology (IP)

This branch of Psychology deals with organizations, workplace culture and how individuals perform within a given environment. In present times when the world has become too fast paced, and the corporate culture has its impact on professionals – industrial psychologists do have a significant role to play here.

Courses in IP train people to understand human behavior in a specific circumstance or a particular environment. Human behavior within the corporate sector is of significance in the study of Industrial Psychology. Needless to say, an individual specialized in the course of IP will be able to make a good HR professional.

#3. Organizational Behavior (OB)

Another sub-field of Psychology, Organizational Behavior (OB) is also a good enough subject that can help individuals break into a career in human resources. For HR learning and development, and of course HR aspirants, it is essential for candidates to train themselves beforehand.

Essentially, OB is the field of study that investigates the impact of groups, structures and individuals have on general human behavior—especially performing within an organization. OB professionals employed within an HR department of a company also works towards developing and improving an organization’s effectiveness to a considerable extent.

To be continued in Part II
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