Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Staffing Agencies

By Published May 1, 2017
Staffing Agencies

In many ways, recruiting is a sales function. Not only does your message is relevant, your timing have to be perfect, but you have to make use of every possible communication medium from that you can source the perfect talent. The foremost concern of staffing agencies leaders is allocating the marketing budget not just to create the brand awareness, also attract the best talent faster than a competition.

2017 changes the marketing landscape of staffing agencies in various ways – big data, IoT, analytics, mobile technology, social platforms and other disruptive tools. Therefore, a successful marketing strategy must be a combination of various efforts as a part of the cohesive approach.

According to Glassdoor reports,

“86% of people in the first ten years of their career are likely to use social media in their job search.”

In the following blog, let’s take a quick look at “must-have” marketing strategies for staffing firms.

How to get clients for a staffing agency?

Staffing Agencies

1. Mobility is indispensable

Today, video interview, job apps, and mobile career site are some of the common use of mobile technology for engagement of people-on-the-go. For your staffing firm, a great mobile strategy is an essential part of the successful marketing plan. Start by optimising your website for mobile devices. Gradually, move to email marketing campaign.

Why should you go mobile?

“80% of internet users own a smartphone.” 

2. Leverage the power of Social Media as much as you can

An active social brand is the secret ingredient of your combined marketing strategy, which often ignored. Most staffing agencies underestimate its power and reach. The right use of social media with a good plan can become a lethal weapon in your arsenal. Start by developing comprehensive profiles that convey your branding message on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

Why should you use Social Media?

“2.789 billion active social media users worldwide.” 

How to get started with social media?

A. Be Ready

Staffing firm must have a dedicated social media to regularly monitor the online presence whether you intend to send multiple tweets (posts) daily or few times in a week. Planning your social media will help you evaluate the engagement level of target audience on active platforms. Additionally, help you explore other channels.

B. Do not publish everything or anything

Taking control of your social media is important. It is critical to maintain the frequency of your posts on social platforms (mainly Twitter). However, keeping a watch 24/7 is impossible. Thus, leverage the online tools like Buffer or Hootsuite that let you schedule your posts.

Note – If you are a startup staffing agency then using such tools can help you save the cost of hiring a social media expert. But, again tools cannot do everything.

C. Invest in right people

When developing a social media team, ensure people you are hiring are tech savvy and must have intricacies of your businesses. The socially erudite employee must understand your prospective customers, a staffing company, and the industry before she can communicate your message.

D. Promote your brand in a profitable way

Having a strong social presence and leveraging it in a profitable way is another. Make certain the content publishing on your social media channels must link back to your website. The idea of using social media is to create the buzz about your brand and leading your target audience to your site.

E. Keep your distance with “Irrelevant” topics

It is imperative for staffing agencies to stay on topic and maintain their professional image at all times. Posting irrelevant or overly personal updates on your organisations’ social media page can damage your client’s faith in your expertise. Save your cat pictures and party clicks for your personal account, and use the company account to promote business goals only.

3. Instant Lead Follow-up

Assuming your mobile and social media campaigns are reaching out your potential clients and target audience. The foremost step in any staffing agency’s successful lead generation campaign must be to develop a strong follow-up guidelines.

– What message going to be conveyed to potential leads?

– Who is responsible for contacting them?

Note – The very first message sent to potential leads must be uniform in nature across all team members and need to be concise and crisp. Adding a little custom touch to your message would not cause any harm.

Why should you develop lead follow-up plan?

“80% of sales require five follow-ups.” 

Track your results

Performance analytics is a critical part of any marketing approach. Monitor the number of leads generated by your Email and Social Media campaigns. As well as keep track of how many leads result in new business for your staffing firm.

Tracking your results in a systematic manner will also help you understand which social channels or campaigns are top performers and which ones are under performers – Leaving you with a bigger and clearer picture of your marketing investments and outcomes.

Investing in these strategies mentioned above is a top priority for staffing agencies to survive the fierce completion for talent. Additionally, you need to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy including, developing your people and product to fulfil your core goals successfully.


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