Resume Outsourcing 101 – How to tap into the hidden talent pools?

By Published June 20, 2017
Resume Outsourcing

The process of resume outsourcing or resume searching refers to mining resumes and picking the few potential candidates from thousands of applicants. There are several RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firms and online tools available in the market that can support organizations in finding out the perfect fit for an open job position.

In this competitive market, it is not a cake walk to track down the top talent. Nevertheless, the services of staffing companies effortlessly make the entire process of candidate sourcing very quick and easy.

Resume Outsourcing

How to get started?

Let’s first explore a bit about “free” candidate sourcing channels followed by paid services.

1. Search Engines

Start by leveraging the free resources including “online search” (Google it!), and for that, you need to pick the distinct and unique keywords in search engines. Such technique will help you to target only those resumes, matching your requirements or the type of candidate you are searching for a current job opening.

Note – It is advisable to focus on required key skills rather focusing on keywords or job description.

2. Go Social

Assuming that you must have already read so much about social recruiting we include it as another important technique in resume outsourcing. Not to mention, it is also one of the easiest ways to extract the profile of both active and passive candidates. Start by exploring LinkedIn followed by Twitter and Facebook.

Once you shortlist the most relevant profiles, it is time to do the virtual shake hand by sending them direct messages on their LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

3. Job Boards

It is an easy and efficient way of accessing the large candidate pool. Several job boards including CareerBuilder provide resume databases. The best thing about such services is it is available for small to midsize and large enterprises. However, as compared to options mentioned above buying resume database comes with other benefits as well including job posting and branding solutions like add-on services.

So if your resume outsourcing strategy is diverting towards such premium category services, make sure you negotiate for better.

4. Staffing Firms or Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Resume outsourcing techniques help businesses to save time and cost. Using extensive network and search, recruiters can easily find exceptional candidates who can add value to their organization. Even if HR teams make use of online tools for mining candidates, it takes hours to locate the best-fit from thousands of online resumes.

It is one of many reasons companies approach RPO or staffing firms to help them in scrutinizing candidates, so as to handle the entire hassle of recruitment right from resume sourcing to onboarding. It helps them to facilitate the hiring process at minimal cost.

When buying the services of RPO, it is imperative to perform a thorough background check on selected agencies including their performance, previous and existing client’s reviews, their specialization, price model, etc. Moving to staffing agency is exponentially challenging given the scale and size of the program. Fortunately, this change can easily be managed with a simple approach of meaningful and candid communication at every stage.

A word of advice

Today, there is a plethora of tools, channels and resume outsourcing models that organizations can leverage to discover the top talent. Above mentioned four approaches are widely used by businesses depending upon their nature of the operation, budget, and quantity of hiring.

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