An Important Ingredient of Robust Talent Pipeline

By Published October 26, 2017
Resume Database

There are plethora of sources nowadays to acquire talent including, social networking sites, job boards, career sites. Employee referral programs. And then there is Resume Database. If you are not already leveraging the database to build a robust talent pipeline, you could be doing huge damage to your business. But before we jump right into the significance of Resume Database, let’s take a look at following few of many unique benefits of having effective talent pipeline.

Resume Database

Why is Talent Piping a big Win for your Company?

1. Excellent Quality Hires

When there is no immediate hiring requirement, you can take time to explore more about the candidates in your talent pipeline. It will help you discover a prospective talent for future hiring requirements and re-engage them until you are ready to recruit them formally.

2. Reduced Time to Hire

A strong talent pipeline is a goldmine of potential candidates, filled with people who already showed their interest in your organization. When a vacancy occurs, you do not need to wait for applications to seep in or start from a scratch – you already have a pool of candidates from which to source.

3. Healthier Retention among New Recruits

According to one of the studies, candidates who apply to an organization directly are likely to have less “buyer’s remorse” and do not leave the organization within that first critical year. Candidates hand-picked from pipeline tend to be a better cultural-fit as they already familiar with your company once they join.

4. Decreased Salary Costs

A talent-ready pool empowers you to find top candidates that your competitors may have missed or identified the talent who may not be actively looking. The primary benefit here is reduced salary costs as there is no one driving up their salary expectations due to less competition for these candidates.

How can Resume Database Help?

To realize these benefits, you also have to fill your talent pipeline with quality candidates. It is where “Resume Database” comes in picture. With external resume database, you can proactively search for candidates with background and skills you require. As opposed to waiting for them to find you via social media, job boards or career site.

With a quality resume database, you will have access to hidden gems you might have found otherwise. Once you recognized the top talent you want in your pipeline – you can reach out to them and start building a relationship.

The Right Way of using Resume Database

Now you know the benefits of creating talent pipeline and how a quality resume database can help.

Let’s learn the right way of using the database.

Much like any other tool, a resume database is as good to the extent that you know how to use it proficiently. Regrettably, searching for the candidates you need is a tedious and lengthy process. Particularly, if one is not accustomed to Boolean search techniques. However, mastering the Boolean search methods will apparently help you, it is not fail-safe.

A resume database that intelligently combines Semantic Search and Boolean Search technology, such as CareerBuilder U.S Resume Database is best for the most efficient search outcomes. With Semantic search technology, users do not have to know the exact phrases and words to search and find the candidates they want. Semantic search picks up the context and discovers related terms, turning in more, relevant search results.

Apparently, in today’s work world competition for talent is fierce. Maintaining a resilient talent pipeline can offer you an edge when it comes to recruiting leading candidates. And having “right” resume database can help to make that happen.

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