Recruitment Outsourcing – Things you must know to find the best talent

By Published May 24, 2017
Recruitment Outsourcing

In recent times, recruitment outsourcing (RPO) has gained significant attention from organizations which are looking forward to making the most out of their HR investments. Considering today’s wider business approach, a majority of the companies needs RPO (recruitment process outsourcing). Today, it has become one of the fastest-growing recruiting solutions for larger as well as medium-sized organizations.

RPO has the most customized methodologies for sourcing, screening, recruiting, onboarding the talent, and managing payroll. Even, positions at the senior level can be easily and quickly filled. Recruitment outsourcing allows you to partially or entirely outsource the internal recruitment activities. It handles the entire hiring process from beginning to end.

Recruitment Outsourcing

When an organization expands its operations, it would require adding more employees to an almost impossible schedule, probably at different locations. Here, deploying an internal recruiting team may not be a viable solution. In such situation, recruitment outsourcing provides an effective solution. Moreover, in practical terms, it decentralizes work and supports organizations to focus on their essential competencies.

How does an RPO differ from a Staffing Company?

Usually, people consider recruitment outsourcing and staffing companies similar regarding the services they provide to their clients. But, they are two different service providers altogether. Subsequent points would help you know how RPO differs from a staffing company:

RPO regulates the entire recruitment process and undertakes responsibility for the outcomes. A staffing agency is not answerable for the productivity of the candidates hired once they start working with the client company.

Organizations can expect greater flexibility, more efficient recruitment strategies, and better candidate quality with RPOs. A staffing agency performs only the basics of recruiting activities such as sourcing, initial communications, and scheduling interviews with the client company. Here, it has lesser accountability for quality check.

RPO has a different pay structure. It charges an hourly or monthly fee based on the specific needs and parameters, whereas a staffing company charges a decided fee upon each hiring.

RPO helps in recruiting excellent candidates for even the most challenging roles, on the other hand, a staffing company usually handles only the temporary or/and permanent staffing.

How does an RPO work?

Recruitment process outsourcing aims to integrate its activity wings with client’s business, understand organization’s culture, and adjust to the recruiting process. To understand what their operations include, the following categorized activities would help:

Sourcing — RPO uses existing applicant tracking system, data mining, extensive databases, social media and networking to locate talent.

Screening — RPO practices a rigorous screening including, skill assessments, reference checks, background checks, and conducting interviews. Also, they screen the candidates whether they are culture fit within the organization.

Recruiting — RPO focuses on both passive and active candidates to find out the best talent. It works as your brand representative who consistently promotes you. It works as your job branding partner. It schedules interviews, handles salary negotiations, and maintains quality.

Reporting — Recruitment outsourcing companies provide regular analysis reports such as productivity, cost per hire, and retention rates.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is among the most complex and tiring tasks which an RPO performs for their clients. It has a dedicated team and applications for payroll processing that provides a real-time reporting. The operations are free from human errors and can save valuable resources and time. SaaS (Software-as-a-service) or a cloud-based technology has made RPOs able to provide professional, fast and, time-saving payroll management service empowers clients to access real-time details, and represent the data locally with multi-lingual technology.

Under payroll services, RPOs deal with the financial sides of the employees such as allowances, net pay, salary, deductions, etc. and generation of pay-slips for a particular period. To make your knowledge handy about payroll management services provided by RPOs, consider the following points:

1. It manages employee information effectively.
2. It contains information on leave, deductions, emoluments, etc.
3. You can quickly check the automatically generated payslips on your end.
4. Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a mouse click.
5. It automatically manages the breach of security.

Recruitment outsourcing, one of the most efficient recruiting solutions in the market, has such character, control, and strategies that make it the most desired talent outsourcing hub among organizations to lead in today’s market!

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