Candidate Sourcing via Instagram: A Recruiter’s Guide

By Published July 18, 2017
Social Recruiting Tool

Most organizations resort to social recruiting tools and software these days, to hire job candidates. There’s no doubt that recruitment via social channels has gained a huge boost and it is bound to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years.

There are ample social recruiting channels out there – but have you ever thought of using Instagram as a social recruiting tool? Well, yes. This unique photo-sharing app can also be used as a great social recruiting tool enable you to source the best talent.

Sourcing job candidates via Instagram – it may sound somewhat unlikely. Nonetheless, it can be an excellent idea if strategies are implemented correctly.

This photo-sharing app has already surpassed 450 million active users, and if as a recruiter you are not tapping the power of the same, you are losing out on something valuable.

Social Recruiting Tool

Who uses Instagram?

• 26% of all adults (mostly professionals)
• 54% of young adults aged between 18 and 30 years (Source)

Here’s what you can do if you want to use Instagram as a social recruiting tool.

1. Build Trust

Use photos posted on Instagram to build exceptional trust among your viewers. Types of content that can help develop that trust can include the following:

• Inspirational quotes: Such posts go a long way in motivating viewers if done right. Do leverage the power of inspirational quotes on Instagram

• Pictures of the team: Do share photos of your staff meetings, training sessions or even team outings

• Client brand: The next in line is the ability to build client branding correctly. Do you have a great cafeteria? Offsite happen at your organization? Share such stuff.

• Employer branding: Try and promote employer branding through your videos by showcasing company culture.

2. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags play a significant role in Instagram policies. Whatever videos you end up posting, do remember to use relevant hashtags. In order to use Instagram as a social recruiting tool, you can use words like #hiring #recruitment #talent #acquisition and many more. Keywords related particularly to the job profile can also be included such as #tech#geek #expert #writer #developer or any other relevant keywords.

3. Use Messenger

One of the best feature of this social recruiting tool happens to be the direct messenger app. This can enable recruiters to reach out to job candidates directly. Leaving behind a direct message can act as a powerful tool that allows you to tap prospective talent.

Tools and Apps that can enhance Instagram Recruitment

As an employer, while implementing Instagram as a social recruiting tool, you can choose to append the following tools or apps:

Boomerang: you can attach this to your existing Instagram account which can enable you to boost your visual content

FaceTune: This is an excellent app that can help enhance your photographs you share on the social site. Do remember to exploit the power of the same.

Instagram Pitfalls to Avoid

While Instagram can work as a great social recruiting tool, certain pitfalls need to be avoided as well. These include bad lighting or dark spaces. Avert the use of dark spaces as much as possible.

Not knowing your audience would be the greatest blunder of all. This can lead to a lot of trouble going further. Understand your audiences well, before you make the first move in this photo-sharing app.

In perspective of online social emergence, it can be said that Instagram’s user base is bound to increase at the following times and recruiters, who are intensely focusing on social recruiting tools, must try and leverage the power of  YouTube like channels. If done right, Instagram can turn out to be a great social hiring tool for recruiters.

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