4 Major Traits Staffing Recruiters have in Common

By Published August 21, 2017

Every recruiter is different from one another. At a time when there is a massive increase of contract staffing in India, and also across the globe, several staffing companies have mushroomed all over. And this new kind of firms or recruiters is genuinely different from one another.

They have their methods of charming and alluring candidates and thereby end up making the perfect match.


However, when we look at the best recruiters or the best staffing firms in the industry, it turns out they have some common denominators. And to perform well, it makes sense for everyone in the profession to mirror them.

Explained below are the four traits that top staffing recruiters share. Are there any characteristics that you need to adapt or probably work upon?

#1. They always consider candidates and clients’ perspectives

Top recruiters perceive the services they offer through the eyes of the people they are targeting to serve. And of course, with that in mind, they also focus on the aspect of “what’s in it for me” of all their candidates and clients.

To do this, they usually refrain from selling their services until they are satisfied after a lot of inquiries and asking questions to determine the various issues or challenges that keep their candidates or clients, probably stay awake at night.

Understand that it’s not your job to agree or disagree with your customers or even candidates. It is better that you know where they all are coming from and then you offer yourself as the solution.

#2. They build long lasting relationships

The next major trait that good staffing companies have in common is the aspect of developing or building long lasting relationships with their clients and candidates.

The best recruiters have incredibly strong relationships with their customers that often end up becoming their friends. They not only turn out to be a confidential sounding board but are also respected as a workforce or a workplace expert. They also keep their communication clear and consistent with their clients, even if they are not working on a regular basis.

People continue to work with individuals whom they enjoy and trust. When your clients turn out to be your friends, they are less likely to stop uselessly employing your services, even when the job market tightens up.

The most successful staffing firms or recruiters have also realized that their candidates would rather like to discuss anything else than to listen to them. They encourage their candidates to discuss and talk about personal facts that eventually end up impacting their career decisions.

There are three essential questions that clients and candidates want to be answered:

1. Do you care about me?
2. Can I trust you?
3. Will you do what you promise?

#3. They are specialized in their field

One of the biggest benefits of being in the staffing profession is you can specialize in a niche. Top recruiters in the profession limit their focus to less than ten job titles. They usually pipeline top talent in advance with those particular ten titles that allows them to present the best candidates much faster than their competition.

Both clients and candidates always prefer to work with someone they consider an expert in every aspect. When you specialize, you position yourself as an expert in a particular niche. This will make them feel that you understand their work much better, which enhances their confidence in your abilities.

#4. They are constantly looking for possibilities to learn

It is not a coincidence or a matter of chance that top recruiters and staffing firms participate in educational webinars and other such events. Their intent is to continue to learn and grow. They realize the significance of anticipating trends and stay competitive.

From the points as mentioned above, it can be understood that becoming an outstanding staffing firm requires a lot of dedication and practice in various aspects.

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