Making the Most of the Millennials at Workplace – An Infographic

By Published November 10, 2017

With the industrial landscape becoming more competitive than ever, the war for talent is continuously intensifying with each passing day. Now with millennials joining the workforce in large percentages, the way of working and the culture at workplaces have undergone a drastic change.

The particular characteristics of millennials-such as their aspirations, ambitions, and desire to keep learning and climb up the corporate ladder faster than their competitors; and then there’s, of course, their willingness to move quickly if their expectations are not met—demands a robust and focused response from employers. Millennials in the workplace want a flexible approach to work and, at the same time feedback and encouragement. They want to feel appreciated and sense that their contribution towards the organization is worthwhile. They want their efforts to be recognized. And they value similar things in an employer brand just as they want their consumer brand to be valued.

Some of the expectations of millennials in modern times comprise the following:

• A loyalty-lite: 54% millennials are expected to switch at least 8-10 jobs during their lifetime.

• Development/work-life balance: personal learning and development remains their priority, even over compensation.

• Moving up the ladder faster: millennials in the workplace are ambitious and look towards a rapid professional growth. Employers need to understand that and collaborate accordingly.

So, as an employer how do you hire and retain millennials in the workplace? Working with millennials is more about collaborating and motivating them rather than merely assigning tasks and targets. The following infographic takes a look at the behavior of modern-day millennials, their expectations from employers and what should the latter do to retain them. Take a look at the infographic for a better understanding.

Millennials at Workplace

From research reports, it is clear that millennials will be a powerful generation of employees and those having the right skills will be in high demand. They may be able to command not only creative recompense packages according to today’s standard, but also influence the way they work and even the way they operate in the workplace. Millennials may even represent one of the most significant challenges for organizations in the coming future.

Attracting and retaining millennials at workplace is a challenging task for employers as the former have their pattern of working. They often tend to be uncomfortable with the rigid corporate culture and tend to be turned off by information silos. Millennials expect rapid professional progression, varied and interesting careers, some travel opportunities, and a culture of constant feedback.

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