Measuring Employer Branding Solutions for Organizational Benefit

By Published June 1, 2017
Employers Branding Solutions

It goes without saying that data is highly essential for employers branding solutions. It is rather difficult to find someone who would disagree with this notion.

However, tools for tracking and analyzing data have evolved substantially over the years and have been instrumental in influencing organizations employer branding solutions. Some organizations have adopted solutions like Recruitment analytics, people analytics, and even big data to understand both—recruitment and employee performance in a better way.

Employers Branding Solutions

Others are still using homegrown spreadsheets, and some are not even using the same—well it’s really sad.

As an employer or an organization, if you fall into the category of operating with outdated performance management systems, you are not showing any value in your employer branding solutions efforts.

Employer branding is the key to developing your company’s reputation as an employer of choice, and an increasing number of businesses are investing a fortune in promoting their employer branding solutions.

Companies by now have realized that employer branding is designed to attract the right talent to the organization and then retain employees through aggressive employee engagement. So, when planning how you will measure your employer brand, you certainly need to think both as an HR communicator and a brand marketer.

Best Ways to Measure Employer Brand Awareness

You will find that a substantial percentage of brand marketing metrics is somewhat relevant to a lot of employer branding solutions. This makes sense because what you are doing is essentially talent acquisition marketing with potential future employees. With the help of awareness metrics, you will be able to gauge to whom and to where your employer branding is getting through.

Some of the best ways to measure brand awareness for your organization are explained in the following paragraphs:

i) Basic knowledge: Simply put, this metric is empowered to determine what percentage of a particular target group (in this case a potential candidate pool) is familiar with your organization. To use this metric, only ask, “Are you aware of XYZ Corporation?”

ii) Recall Awareness: Somewhat similar in nature to basic awareness, recall awareness calculates the percentage of the target audience that names your organization when they are asked to list company names that contest some standards. This metric can also be used to see if you are indeed recognized as a leader or not.

To implement this parameter, review your target group, and ask them to list the companies. It is essential that the survey does not come directly from your organization. Keep a count of the percentage of respondents who listed your organization.

iii) Top-of-mind Awareness: This is a form of offshoot awareness. This metrics merely governs what proportion of the target group, who can remember your company, recalls yours first. Needless to say, Employer branding solutions has a significant role to play in this segment.

iv) Brand familiarity: Finally, brand familiarity is one of the most complex awareness measures for employer branding solutions. This familiarity aspect breaks down the percentage of the target group that is aware of your company; and also weeds out the ones who have already formed an opinion about you.

The Benefits of a Strong Employer Branding

In present times, the talent landscape has changed considerably, and companies need to focus on employer branding solutions to a great extent. Job candidates and employees are no longer seen as workers, but more as customers. Therefore, it is essential for an organization to develop its employer branding solutions properly, that not only efficient in attracting top talent but also retain them for a considerable period.

With ever increasing millennials within the workforce, gone are the days of employer branding focused on expanding business and establishing a name for itself. Today, in the war of talent, employer branding solutions has diversified and it also about offering compelling experiences to employees and prospective job candidates.

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