Why Recruiters should look beyond Applicant Tracking System

By Published February 23, 2017
Applicant Tracking System

According to the BCG Perspective research publication, the aptitude to deliver on recruiting had a significant influence on revenue growth than all other HR zones, including managing talent, on-boarding, developing leadership and retaining new hires.

Today, organisational success depends on its Human Capital more than ever, therefore hiring and retaining the right people is the “need of the hour.”

When organization talks about recruiting and retaining, then HR technology cannot be left alone. A good percentage of recruiters rely on HR tools specifically Applicant Tracking System (ATS). However, these systems have inherent flaws.

Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons why companies should start looking beyond ATS.

1. Weak and Cumbersome Candidate Application Process

Organisations spend a fortune to drive traffic to career pages, job adverts, and their social networks. It fails to capture information from those interested individuals due to a lengthy application form.

2. Your ATS Cannot Evaluate Long-Term Quality

The built-in analytics in ATS cover just small piece of the employee life-cycle. Typically, it fails to address the two most essential information namely:

a. What recruiting plans drive the greatest long-term results?
b. Who will the top hires be for the long term?

Moreover, ATS fails to plead the other critical aspects of the hiring process including – precisely predict how fast you will hire for a given role, optimise the spending on talent acquisition and tell why top talent drop out of hiring process.

3. No Sourcing Channel Integration

It is one major flaw in Applicant Tracking System that does not help recruiters to source across channels. It further leads to limited reach to talent pools, fails to create a strong company brand and not so sound candidate knowledge.

4. Unwieldy UI and Experience for Hiring Teams

Applicant Tracking Systems are not as intuitive as we tend to think. It is imperative for organisations to evaluate the user adoption index of their ATS. It must be easy for people to use efficiently and focus on simplicity.

Savoir-faire recruiting teams distinguish the limitations of their ATS and are actively searching for new technologies. Including efficient HR tool that will pull all the data from disparate systems together so they can hire faster, better and also get ahead of the business mandate.

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