Linkedin Career Pages for Staffing Firms – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

By Published August 23, 2017
Career Pages for staffing firms

LinkedIn on August 15th, 2017 announced a new product for staffing companies called “Career Pages for Staffing Firms” that precisely dedicated to creating value for staffing and search clients on LinkedIn.

Back in April 2017, LinkedIn released the three product updates including, Contractor Targeting, Apply starters and Open Candidates.

Let’s have a brief look at these products.

Open candidates & Apply Targeting – It enables the user to discover the members who have indicated that they are thinking about making a move by sharing their job activity and profile with recruiters.

Contractor Targeting – It shells out the members who are likely to be interested in contract role based on their profile history or preferences.

The successful launch of these products pushed the LinkedIn talent solutions one step further in search and staffing firms to help them proactively find and recruit the best talent. The idea of introducing Career Page for staffing firms is to engage and convert both target candidates and prospective clients.

About LinkedIn “Career Pages for Staffing Firms”

Unlike conventional LinkedIn career pages designed to function corporate employers, career pages for staffing firms supports distinct experiences and messages for targeted candidates and prospective clients – with each experience augmented to convert traffic into leads.

Features Explained

1. Reach both of your audiences = Candidates + Clients

Now, staffing companies can reach both audiences including, prospective clients and candidates with customizable views and deliver the right message. The career page added a new client view option in addition to existing candidate view making sure both the audiences are easily targeted with most explicit messages.

a. “Hire Talent” View – It is for prospective business clients showcases relevant testimonials, company leadership and appropriate call to action to deliver details on the types of roles they are searching to fill.

b. “Find Jobs” View – It includes features like testimonials from companies and candidates, key recruiters and encourages job seekers to share more information.

2. Dual Testimonial Section

Solidify your organization’s credibility by showing off your references under dual testimonial sections. One for business clients that you have supported to find best candidates for and one for candidates that you have helped place.

3. Customizable Contact Us

Easily capture the greater interest – and revenue by adding a new and fully customizable contact us module on your career page. It allows you to collect the contact information from prospective clients to help you grow your business.

Better & Quicker lead conversion

According to LinkedIn, “candidates familiar with a company are 2.5 times more likely to respond to its inline messages.” The career pages for staffing firms by LinkedIn is focused on boosting engagement and increasing response rate by driving more applicants.

In our next blog, we will talk about another LinkedIn product for recruiters known as “Pipeline Builder.” So stay tuned for more!!! Meanwhile, click here to access some interesting reads on HR technology, staffing and more.

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