Leveraging the Power of YouTube for Recruitment Process

By Published July 13, 2017
Social recruiting software

The world of recruitment has changed drastically over the past decade. Since the advent of social media, several new social recruiting software has also surfaced making hiring process much efficient.

As an employer or a recruiter, have you ever thought of using YouTube as a social recruiting software or channel? Well, maybe….and maybe not. But, experts are of the opinion that, YouTube can easily be leveraged as a great recruiting tool if used correctly.

Social recruiting software

YouTube Statistics: 2016

Did you know?

 Number of views: crossed 1 trillion
 Monthly users logging in: 1.5 billion
 Amount of content watched annually: 46000 years
 Average/Usual time spent per session: 40 minutes
 Hours of videos viewed every month: 6 billion

Well, so as you can see that with so much happening only on one channel, don’t you think YouTube can make for a great social recruiting software? Yes. Of course.

So how do you use it? Here’s a look.

#1. Produce high-quality videos

Since YouTube is a website dedicated to videos, it is essential that as a recruiter you create high-quality videos. A well-filmed video will enable in engaging viewers to a considerable extent. However, it is vital that you spend much time in scripting and filming the video, ensure that everything is executed as planned then only publish it.

#2. Produce the right kind of videos

However, only creating any recruiting videos is not a very good idea. As a recruiter, you have to create the right kind of videos as well. Videos are an excellent way to showcase your work culture, instead of just telling your candidates who or what you are. Make sure you film the types of videos that entice and educate your prospective job candidates. In this segment, you can consider the following while using YouTube as a social recruiting tool

——Showcase your culture
——Describe job requirements
——Share your office perks

#3. Put videos at the right places

Since you would be using YouTube as a social recruiting tool, it is essential to put the videos in the right places. Understand that you need to deploy it correctly, and this suggests making use of it in multiple locations, to broaden the audience it gets.

And finally, do everything you can to make your video more shareable.
How YouTube makes the recruitment process more feasible

Recruiting via YouTube makes it easier for an employer and also beneficial for the organization.

Benefits of Recruiting via YouTube

Some of the benefits of using YouTube as a social recruiting tool are explained in the below:

#1. YouTube is more cost effective

Well, it might come as a surprise to many but, sourcing top talent via YouTube can be much more cost effective. It is far more cost-effective social recruiting tool that can help you in promoting your business to a considerable extent.

#2. It’s more up, close and personal

The next major benefit of recruiting via YouTube is the fact that it is much more up, close and personal. It helps recruiters in becoming more personal with prospective job candidates. Sharing relevant video content engages probable employees looking to work in similar projects and organizations. Sharing content that echoes your agency culture will also draw job candidates to you, keen to be part of your story. Few ideas that can be shared on YouTube by recruiters comprise the following:

• Workers are discussing their projects and how does it feel to be part of your organization.

• Heads of department sharing what they look for in prospective candidates.

• Content is all about reflecting your company culture: vacation days, team building, launches, events, etc.

#3. Easy to access and share content

In a fast moving era such as this, all of us want content to be delivered concisely and crisply. And this is where the importance of sharing stuff via recruitment video emerges. The video is something that can be shared very quickly, and it can also reach out to a significant number of people. This is where the power of the social recruiting software lies.

Needless to say, with changing times, the world of recruitment has also undergone tremendous changes, and every day some or the other new technology is coming up. If we get to see, YouTube also has a long way to go when it comes to new recruitment processes. As a modern-day recruiter do try to leverage the power of YouTube. It is bound to bring in a lot of benefits.

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