Job Postings Essentials – How to Write an Awesome Job Advert?

By Published October 13, 2017
Job Postings

Do you want your employees to be enthusiastic and skilled or incompetent and lazy? The former can improve your business’s odds of success; the latter can contribute to your business’s failure. Finding the qualified talent can be a challenge.

The entire story of sourcing and recruiting the right person at the right time starts with “Job Postings.” Think of it as a quick introduction to the open job position and the company brand to hundreds or thousands of prospective candidates.

Job Postings

But before you put fingers to keyboard, take a few minutes to read through the job posting essentials that can help you maximize your efforts.

5 Simple Steps to Write an Attractive Job Advert

Step 1. Be Specific & Less Creative on Job Titles

A simple well-written English always works better regarding the reach and achieve better comprehension from target readers. This will enable candidates to compare what is required with their experience skill sets easily. Hence, discourage those applicants who are not qualified from applying.

Most recruiters think that mentioning “catchy or creative” job title will attract more applicants. Well, that might not be true! There are two reasons for that – First, prospective candidates may not be aware of this creative job title and overlook the job posting. Second, such titles also create ambiguity among applicants that leads to more of unqualified candidates than qualified ones.

Step 2 – Do not exaggerate and distinguish clearly between Nice-to-Have and Must-to-Have skills

It is essential for recruiters to deliver a clear message to candidates via job advert. Therefore, you need to articulate whether there are any desirable skill sets or necessary qualifications required for the role.

Step 3 – Tell them about your Brand (Company)

The job posting is also an ideal way to create a sense of belongingness, and it is one of the compelling reasons that great job postings always include a short description about their company. Today, candidates are more selective towards employer brand. For millennials, organization status quo matters a lot and is one of the deciding factors for them whether to apply for the position or not.

Step 4 – Master the short description

We are living and breathing in the digital era where exposure to information is immensely vast. Writing long job description is the action of past. Today, as a recruiter you are required to deliver the clear, concise and engaging job description to the prospective talent pool.

Step 5 – Provide a Phone number for Queries

Providing your phone number adds another star to the credibility of the employer. Apparently, candidates have queries that they would like to clarify with the recruiter. Giving a reliable point of contact help you to reduce the chances of receiving unqualified applicants.

4 Job Posting Mistakes that 1 in every 3 Recruiter Repeats

Let’s take a look at following common mistakes that are regularly seen in recruitment ads. Even a small change or error could have a significant impact on your hiring efforts. And you could lose the access to some of the best talents in the industry.

1. Owns a Career Site but it is not Mobile Friendly

In one of the research published on, it is speculated that:

“Almost 75 percent of US adults will use a smartphone in 2017.”

It means if your career site is not mobile optimized or fails to accept applications through smartphones then you are lagging behind. When you are posting an open job position on your company website (career page), make sure that every element of the site is optimized correctly for mobile devices and desktops.

2. Poor Job Advert Targeting

The job posting is a marketing activity where you need to expand your reach to the prospective audience using various channels and tools.

Job Advert Targeting should be done based on geography, education level, age, gender, etc. This will automatically narrow down the list of qualified candidates leaving with the cream of the crop resumes only.

3. Complex Application Process

Long gone are the days when online job application submission used to take 30-40 minutes of candidate’s time. According to CareerBuilder’s Career Site Market Study:

“The typical application process has more than 95% drop-off rate.”

Candidates today look forward to easy access to resume submission that should not take more than 5-10 minutes of their time.

So, if you are still operating this age-old practice, then it might be a good idea to revamp the application process and increase the inflow of applicants.

4. Using the Wrong Recruiters & Sites

Similar to right job advert targeting, employers also need to assess the job sites and recruitment agencies that suits to their requirements. For instance, if there is an IT firm actively looking for developers must contact such vendors and post job ads on sites that have an excellent database of such qualified candidates.

There is a plethora of job sites and aggregators with a vast database of candidates, but it does not mean that you just pick top 5 job boards and start posting the requirements.

The most prominent job sites may have the enormous traffic, but do they have niche targeting?

Moreover, receiving spam is another issue that employers experience when fail to use the right job sites. This apparently, increases the cost-per-hire as hiring manager unable to find the right candidate faster.

Click here to see best job ads examples.

A Word of Advice

The goal of recruitment advertising is to bring top talent onboard faster than the competition. Well-executed job postings can do just that, but also build an attractive employer brand. Sounds like marketing, isn’t?

Consistency is critical when it comes to employer branding and recruitment marketing. The advent of social channels and other online tools make possible to reach large candidate pool. However, the challenge is – this candidate pool is a right fit for your requirements? Are you getting the qualified applicants for open job positions?

All these problems can quickly be addressed when recruiters follow these above-mentioned job posting tips and avoid small mistakes.

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