5 Ways Technology is Contributing to Improving Candidate Experience

By Published May 22, 2017
Candidate Experience

In the war for talent leveraging the right set of tools has become a necessity rather a choice. It is quite easy these days to find and source the top talent with the advent of social media, outsourced resume databases, and other pre-hire tools. Nevertheless, finding the talent is easy but bringing them onboard is a challenging task. Today, candidates are more attentive on their prospective employer selection criteria. They not just look for attractive salary packages and employer brand, also contemplate other fringe benefits along with work culture. Therefore, delivering an excellent candidate experience right from sourcing to onboarding is a necessary task for recruiters.

Candidate Experience by definition

Candidate experience outlines as for how job seekers recognize and respond to employer’s sourcing, interviewing, recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes.

It is an essential element of employer branding and talent acquisition strategy. Some companies have gone so far to engage professionals to lead the charge on improving and measuring candidate experience.

Candidate Experience

What elements define a positive candidate experience?

It is important for organizations to do all of the below-mentioned practices in a consistent manner to achieve positive candidate experience:

– Being Honest
– Offering guidance to candidates
– Having substantial market knowledge
– Providing responsive and timely feedback
– Making the process transparent

Now, let’s review the instruments that can help to glorify the candidate experience.

1. Short & simple application process

It is important that organizations must optimize their application process. Keep the job application form as easiest as possible. The technique here is to ask only information needed at this stage of the process. Take time to figure out which fields accurately add value to the application & update your tool accordingly.

2. Text rich job description don’t give the candidate enough information

Today, top talent has too many options to choose from. Therefore, organizations need to reach the prospective candidates with a strong employer brand. Delivering right message at the appropriate time about the organization is one significant factor to elevate the candidate experience.

There are various pre-hire tools including, Talentstream Engage, job posting and Social Referral that can help the organization to engage candidate better.

3. Job application received or not?

Acknowledgment of job application form is an important part of your sourcing strategy. Sending automated emails upon job application form submission is an excellent way to avoid ambivalence among candidates.

However, sending automated response is not enough. Most companies also made an extra effort with the support of latest HR technology (primarily Applicant Tracking System) to deliver additional company information along “Thank you “email.

4. Poor interaction between hiring team and candidate

No one appreciates “don’t care” attitude and that includes prospective candidates. As mentioned earlier, sending just the Thank you email to a candidate would not do any good. To win the confidence of a candidate a continuous communication is imperative.

Modern day pre-hire tools are well-equipped in delivering automated responses, company information and interview reminders to candidates. All that recruiters needs to do is use standard templates and schedule the emails.

5. Speed of decision making

Job advert was published, job applications received and resumes are parsed – now, what is causing a delay in decision making?

Sending an interview result update to candidates should not take more than a week. Unfortunately, most companies value neither their time nor candidates. Slower decision making and communication let slip the best candidates out of recruiter’s hand.

Primarily, hiring team delays in submitting the feedback of all collected job applications. Therefore, having a right technology like mobile friendly feedback forms and automated reminders in place can solve the issue. Most up to date Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) have the capability to act as user-friendly career site, intelligent resume search engine, and resume database.

There are plethora of tools including both open source and premium variants to assist you with candidate experience. Some are designed for sales and marketing, others designed for recruiting that can be applied to your process.

It is not necessary to invest in a complete HR suite. Instead, there are stand-alone tools right from resume parser to job distribution to candidate management to ATS to invest in.

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