8 Points Checklist for Buying the Right Hiring Software

By Published September 12, 2017

Before start reading this blog, it is a request to take 30 seconds of your time and think thoroughly:

Does your current technology solution (hiring software) deliver data-driven talent strategy, increases recruiter efficiency and give candidates a great experience?

If it does not, it might be time to invest in a new solution that will benefit you go forward with the swiftly changing recruitment landscape.

The “one size fits all” theory does not apply when it comes to buying an HR technology. The reason is every organization different and demands customized solution to meet their hiring needs. However, there is a few common grounds basis on which businesses can shortlist best HR software.

Following infographic present, you 8 points checklist for buying the right hiring software.


An internal database of candidates takes money and time to develop, and it is vital to keep all the candidates in one place. The real value of unified candidate database can easily be unlocked with reliable, powerful search engine.

For instance, when you run the searches it should return candidate search results in order of relevance.

Resume parsers perform this particular function, which is an integral part of applicant tracking system. Even there are firms like Textkernel (acquired by CareerBuilder) offer individual CV parsing solutions to organizations – that are not looking forward to the replacement of entire HR system.

A “relevant candidate search” is just one of many attributes that any robust hiring software must have. Subsequently, delivery of better candidate experience and access to easy-to-consume analytics are another set of features that should be a part of your recruitment system.

CareerBuilder recruitment software meets all the specifications of the ultimate hiring software checklist. To take a free product tour connect with us at IndiaSales@CareerBuilder.com.

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