Bootcamp! How Facebook indoctrinates Every New Engineer It Hires

By Published June 13, 2017
Employee Training and Development

Investing in employee training and development programs at workplaces is essential in order to ensure continuous good employee performance. Time and again studies have proven that organizations which, invest in training their workforce to end up being substantially successful as compared to those who do not.

Employee Training and Development

Some of the major benefits of investing in employee training and development programs usually comprise the following:

  1. Increased employee satisfaction
  2. Greater productivity
  3. Uniformity if workplace processes
  4. Less supervision
  5. Increased employee morale

Needless to say that while certain companies are working towards developing training programs for employees, some companies are already cracking it like anything.

Let’s take a quick look at one such employee training and development program that one of the leading global IT companies, Facebook is simply exceeding in.

Facebook’s Bootcamp Program—an insight

While Facebook continues to remain one of the most used social networking channels worldwide, it is also one of the best places to work for. It goes without saying that, since the organization has been able to acquire that tag of “best workplace” among many others, it does focus on training and developing its employees substantially.

Sometime back Facebook introduced a training program for all its newly-hired engineers and named it Bootcamp.

Aims of the Bootcamp program

A six–week long program, Bootcamp is part orientation program and is partly aimed at providing proper training to the engineers at Facebook. It aims at fulfilling the following welfares:

  1. It allows engineers to determine how they want to contribute. By getting access to the entire Facebook code base and six weeks to observe how it functions across company’s products, new hires can govern firsthand what most interests and excites them.

    what Bootcamp does is really expose employees to a lot of teams and allows them to make their own judgments.

  2. It gives newly-hired engineers to build a network of its own. It has not only increased the efficiency of the engineers within the organization, but it has also succeeded in building a great camaraderie among all the engineers. And needless to say that a proper network is of immense help for engineers employed all across FB offices globally. Bootcamp helps keep the growing body of engineers from becoming a group of sequestered teams.

  3. Bootcamp helps create unity among engineers as well. In Bootcamp, directors and leaders teach all new engineers Facebook’s best practices. It links back to hiring engineers in a universal rather than a specific way. This also allows engineers to move around the company, compelled by their interests.

A unique employee training program

Bootcamp is partly employee orientation, one-part software training and development program and partly a fraternity or sorority rush. When new engineers are recruited at Facebook, they typically are partially unaware of what job they will do.

They choose their job assignment and product team at the culmination of Bootcamp, a training program that epitomizes Facebook’s loyalty to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “Hacker Way,” an organizational culture that is supposed to be risk-taking, egalitarian, self-starting, collaborative, and creative.

Each new recruit is required to take a deep breath. Within a few days, all are anticipated to be pushing live software updates out to the better part of a billion users. If a Bootcamper crashes part of Facebook doing that, well, it will not be the first time.

What sets Bootcamp apart from other corporate training and development programs is that, it’s not just new hires who are in the process of learning. The program also has a secondary benefit; it helps mentors in FB also develop new teaching and management skills.

From Facebook’s Bootcamp program it can be easily deduced that having a good training and development program is essential in order to not only ensure employee engagement and organizational productivity, but also to be able to maintain high quality standard throughout.

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