Learning and Development Courses Part 2

Human Resources: Best Subjects that can Help Shape Your Career – Part 2

By June 9, 2017

We continue with our second post on learning and development courses about human resources. As mentioned earlier, there are certain courses and subjects, pursuing a degree that can help individuals end up with a career in HR. In the first part, we discussed three subjects – viz. Social Work, Industrial Psychology, and Organizational Behavior. In...

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Training and development

Role of Gamification in Human Resources Management

By June 7, 2017

In the online world, gamification has gained lots of attention as a way to engage customers (and prospective talent) and develop loyalty. Although many "doubting Thomas" still struggle to comprehend – “how playing games” in employee training & development modules can help the organizations gain competitive advantage. However, most companies implemented gamification inside the workplace...

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Learning and Development courses

Human Resources: Best Subjects that can Help Shape Your Career – Part 1

By June 5, 2017

It is often stated that individuals who like dealing with people, they must consider a career in human resources. However, that is just a part of all the qualifications required to succeed as an HR professional. Needless to say, human resources (HR) is a vast field and offers ample opportunities to those seeking to carve...

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