HR Skills

A Guide to Mentoring – When HRs’ turn Mentors

By September 8, 2017

Mentoring – What it is? Mentoring is ideally about shaping individuals in a way that they grow through a knowledge-sharing relationship. Mentoring might appear in bits and pieces as required by the mentee. It can take place through a common discussion between the mentor and the mentee on a variety of topics. At the workplace,...

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Fostering Workplace Diversity: The Exceptional EY Story

By August 28, 2017

Around the world, the war for great talent acquisition is only becoming more competitive, with opportunities emerging for all kinds of talent pools. Moreover, ideas like workplace diversity and inclusion are gaining grounds as—talent is all around us, coming from developed and emerging markets, traditional and start-up organizations, and different kinds of academic backgrounds. In...

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Team management skills

6 Team Management Skills Every Great Leader Needs to Succeed – Infographic

By July 27, 2017

An effective team leader has a variety of characteristics and traits that inspire team members to follow him or her. Apparently, each team member has a different communication style and brings a unique skill set to the table. To manage a team you need more than a right attitude - you need excellent team management...

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Training and Development

Picasso’s Bull and Apple University – How are the two Connected?

By July 11, 2017

Employee training and development programs form an essential part of the corporate world. While some do not care to adhere to it, some take it very seriously to develop their employees. Needless to say, time and again the benefits of employee training and development programs have been vouched by various sources. Some of the ways...

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