Training and Development

Picasso’s Bull and Apple University – How are the two Connected?

By July 11, 2017

Employee training and development programs form an essential part of the corporate world. While some do not care to adhere to it, some take it very seriously to develop their employees. Needless to say, time and again the benefits of employee training and development programs have been vouched by various sources. Some of the ways...

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Everything you would want to know on Diversity

By June 18, 2017

Increasing globalization has brought forward complex situations, one such being – handling diversity. The exposure to worldwide economy brings in vulnerability and inclusive competition. The need of the hour for the management is to maximize and capitalize the situation at hand. Change from this situation is inevitable, and it evolves in bringing in a different...

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Employee Training and Development

Bootcamp! How Facebook indoctrinates Every New Engineer It Hires

By June 13, 2017

Investing in employee training and development programs at workplaces is essential in order to ensure continuous good employee performance. Time and again studies have proven that organizations which, invest in training their workforce to end up being substantially successful as compared to those who do not. Some of the major benefits of investing in employee...

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Learning and Development Courses Part 2

Human Resources: Best Subjects that can Help Shape Your Career – Part 2

By June 9, 2017

We continue with our second post on learning and development courses about human resources. As mentioned earlier, there are certain courses and subjects, pursuing a degree that can help individuals end up with a career in HR. In the first part, we discussed three subjects – viz. Social Work, Industrial Psychology, and Organizational Behavior. In...

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