CV Parsing

How to make the most of your ATS with integrated Semantic Search?

By May 25, 2017

If the questions like these, “Have I utilized my legacy recruitment system in the best way?” or “How do I make the most of my application tracking system?” or “OK, I procured the most acceptable ATS in the market, what next?”, Still, bother you. So the next best thing happen to your recruitment system is...

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Candidate Experience

5 Ways Technology is Contributing to Improving Candidate Experience

By May 22, 2017

In the war for talent leveraging the right set of tools has become a necessity rather a choice. It is quite easy these days to find and source the top talent with the advent of social media, outsourced resume databases, and other pre-hire tools. Nevertheless, finding the talent is easy but bringing them onboard is...

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Resume Search Engine

How Semantic search has revamped the Resume Search Engine?

By May 18, 2017

CareerBuilder recently introduced an enhancement with semantic search, on its candidate search engine. What it means for most existing and prospective clients is search change in the way the search query results that recruiter can view on the dashboard. Before we take a deep dive into what semantic search is all about, let’s understand what...

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candidate sourcing strategies

Why Candidate Sourcing is an essential aspect of Recruitment Process?

By May 16, 2017

Developing good candidate sourcing strategies is critical to ensure proper recruitment of an organization. Needless to say, if you have a thoughtful sourcing strategy in place, then you will be able to tap talent in avenues you may not have considered earlier. Since the world of recruitment is fluid in nature and an ever-evolving, hiring...

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