applicant tracking system

Why & How to invest in right Applicant Tracking System for greater benefits?

By July 6, 2017

In today’s fast paced HR technology market, any candidate management tool you select should add hours back to your day and smoothly integrates with other technology partners. Unfortunately, still, several organizations are uninformed about the real potential of a good applicant tracking system (or ATS). And, businesses that have already recognized its power are confused...

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Recruitement Software Upgrade

8 Things to do when upgrading your Recruitment Software

By February 27, 2017

Plan, Program, and Execute is always the right way to proceed with any software solutions, and recruitment technology is no exception. Let’s take a quick look at recruitment software upgrade checklist. 1. Do ask your recruiters first “what they want”? It is imperative for organisations to first consult with their recruitment team about the HR...

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Applicant Tracking System

Why Recruiters should look beyond Applicant Tracking System

By February 23, 2017

According to the BCG Perspective research publication, the aptitude to deliver on recruiting had a significant influence on revenue growth than all other HR zones, including managing talent, on-boarding, developing leadership and retaining new hires. Today, organisational success depends on its Human Capital more than ever, therefore hiring and retaining the right people is the...

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