workplace flexibility

Leverage the Power of Workplace Flexibility: Boost Engagement and Productivity

By September 22, 2017

The traditional 9–6 workplaces is fast changing and is all set to become a thing of the past. Rapid changes all around us – right from economic, social, political and other factors are forcing organizations to re-evaluate their current operating systems. Organizations are now shifting focus to the concept of the flexible workplace and embracing...

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attracting and retaining millennials

Top 10 Companies in India Where Millennials Want to Work

By August 30, 2017

Much has been written about attracting and retaining millennials at workplaces across the globe. The same is applicable for the Indian subcontinent as well. There has been an immense rise in the Millennials’ population in India of late, and this has been instrumental in driving the current workplace culture. It has been observed that most...

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Employer Branding

Employer Branding – Doing the Right Things

By August 28, 2017

Employer branding has gained unprecedented importance as it is now established that a strong employment brand gets 3.5 times more applications per position than the competition. Read from CareerBuilder report. This also helps establish the fact that our Candidate experience needs attention & to be re-looked. Most employers overlook the fact that they are being...

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Employer Branding

Learn Employer Branding from General Electric, Airbnb & Salesforce

By July 4, 2017

General Electric (GE), Airbnb and Salesforce have consistently topped the ‘Best Companies to work for’ list. From their very startup era, these brands have shared a common ingredient behind their success– great employer branding. As a startup, your pivotal need is to establish a foothold in the market that would help you scale up rapidly....

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