Why Candidate Sourcing is an essential aspect of Recruitment Process?

By Published May 16, 2017
candidate sourcing strategies

Developing good candidate sourcing strategies is critical to ensure proper recruitment of an organization. Needless to say, if you have a thoughtful sourcing strategy in place, then you will be able to tap talent in avenues you may not have considered earlier. Since the world of recruitment is fluid in nature and an ever-evolving, hiring or searching for new job candidates as an aspect of the same also changes fast. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to develop good candidate tracking policies that will enable them to hire better job candidates. Let’s take a better look at the idea of candidate sourcing and understand why it is so crucial for the process of recruitment.

candidate sourcing strategies
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What is the essential difference between sourcing and recruiting?

Well, it might come as a surprise, but not many (even associated with the recruitment industry) are not aware of the exact differences between the two terms. Let’s take a look.

Sourcing, in the simplest of terms, refers to the idea of finding the right job candidate. An HR professional involved in the process of sourcing candidate can be compared that of a “hunter” who is busy in the process of hunting.

On the other hand, recruitment involves the overall process of interviewing, selection, process, onboarding. A recruiter’s work includes managing, recruiting, guiding – primarily comprising the entire hiring process. Recruitment also involves some administrative tasks as well.

Importance of Candidate Sourcing Strategies

In present times, with increasing competition from the recruitment industry and technology foraying into the domain, sourcing and recruiting is becoming increasingly diversified and which is why one needs to understand the subtle differences between sourcing and recruiting.

Some might opine that recruiters can source, but those who source cannot recruit. A statement like that can surely disrupt some feathers in the world of talent acquisition and human capital management. Nonetheless, let’s focus on certain aspects of recruitment and of course candidate sourcing strategies. Some major questions that one needs to ask in these terms include the following:

#1. Why should a candidate sourcing strategy be at the forefront of your recruitment process?

#2. What is involved in an effective candidate sourcing strategy?

The answers to the above questions usually involve the reasons essential for a strategic candidate sourcing. Talent sourcing is one of the first things that an organization needs to focus on while it comes to hiring and recruiting. Organizations along with their robust HR teams needs to concentrate on creating robust candidate sourcing strategies.

How to plan a robust candidate sourcing strategy?

Needless to say, it requires a lot of effort to develop a sound strategy for sourcing candidates. Of course, you need to think before you act. When sourcing candidates, if you do not work out on who you are exactly searching for, your efforts will end up wasting time to a considerable extent. The best ways to plan a candidate sourcing strategies are explained below:

i) Accurately analyze job requirement

The first step towards developing a solid candidate sourcing strategy is to analyze the job requirement. You must understand every inch of job requirements. End up having quick chats with hiring managers to ensure you are on the same page. Try to understand what the hiring managers want out of a prospective candidate – would they consider ‘stretch’ or ‘step up’ candidates. These kind of candidates are people that might not be working at present for the level you are looking to hire, but have capabilities that can be utilized later and put them in senior positions.

ii) Build your company’s candidate persona

A candidate persona refers to a semi-fictional representation of your ideal job candidate that you would like to hire for your organization. This persona is formed by defining the several skills and traits that make up for your perfect hire. Personas would depend on the job role that you are looking to hire for.

The persona you create should guide you in candidate sourcing processes, thereby, enable you to make the best possible recruits.

Since sourcing is an important aspect of recruitment, make sure that as an organization you develop a great candidate sourcing strategy that enables you to hire some of the best possible job candidates.

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