5 Candidate Attraction Strategies that Never Fails (Infographic)

By Published July 8, 2017

While organizations understand the need for sales and marketing strategies that generate revenue, several employers seem to overlook such techniques when developing a candidate attraction strategy for their organization.

Top industry and HR leaders consider recruitment to be a two-way process. Selling the open job position to prospective talent is as important as candidates sell their achievements and skills to potential employers.

In the following infographic, let’s take a look at five important candidate attraction strategies that no recruiter can afford to ignore – when it comes to hiring top talent faster.

Candidate Atttraction

Today, candidates improved access and more options to the best jobs in the market through ever-improving career sites, job boards, and social media. According to industry speculators, the average span an employee spends working for any company now falls between 18 months to 2.5 years. It is, therefore, vital to attract and retain the best talent when recruiting.

It is imperative for recruiters to start their recruitment marketing plan by understanding the target job family. It is the foundation of driving below-mentioned candidate attraction strategies efficiently. Ideally, it should begin by developing the candidate personas that let recruiters quickly identify most qualified candidate pool.

The good news for recruitment marketers is new ways of getting your job adverts in front of candidates emerge. Additional channels to share job ads beyond job boards include, digital and display advertising, social channels, events, pay per click advertising and via staffing companies.

Another important factor is technology that plays a crucial role in attracting the right talent – do you have the right tools in your arsenal to draw their attention?

Whether it is an excellent resume search software, winning applicant tracking system or a smooth job board that saves considerable money and time. Having the right technology is the place to source, attract and retain top candidates will make the enormous difference between losing and winning the candidate attraction game.

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