How to Build a Talent Acquisition Team?

By Published August 11, 2017
Talent Acquisition Team

Talent acquisition (TA) is rapidly becoming an indispensable facet of the human resources function. It involves recognizing long and short-term talent needs, designing recruitment strategies and developing internal talent to source the qualified candidates from outside an organization. To be successful in this new environment “conventional” talent acquisition team needs to be replaced by a strategic TA function – focusing on sourcing people in new places using social media tools, focusing on developing an employment brand and creating new opportunities for internal candidates.

In the following infographic let’s take a look at four essential attributes needed to develop an ROI driven talent acquisition team.

Talent acquisition team

Building best in class talent acquisition team

Observe, Learn and Improvise

High-performing organizations create powerful and unique ways to source and access top employees. For instance, talent community of AT&T attracts potential team members by providing the forum to discuss telecommunications and mobile computing in an exciting and fun way.

One of the pioneering approaches is the efficient use of social networks to build talent “communities” supported by independent contractors, retired staff members, full-time employees and everyone in between.

Make the transition from Recruiting to Marketing

Talent acquisition is becoming more like marketing every day. Organizations are leveraging the candidate relationship tools to market their employment brand through stories. TA Leaders also use a variety of other marketing techniques to outreach their efforts and source talent.

Promote Internal Advancement

Companies that chart out their internal TA strategies can help confirm existing employees are on the right path towards developing their responsibilities and careers. Leaders can support healthy culture in many respects by taking care of those who are already contributing to the success of the business.

Acquire the knowledge to lead Talent Acquisition Team

Developing a robust TA team is not just about hiring the best. Also, it requires the right skill sets to lead the team. Learning the latest tools, best practices and proven processes that drive the HR discipline can help position individuals in the industry of human resources.

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