Preidctive analytics

How Predictive Analytics Benefits the Process of Talent Management?

By March 15, 2017

When it comes to harnessing the power of data, the Human Resources (HR) department is most likely to lag behind the rest of your organization. This is because traditional hiring processes often tend to rely on a ‘gut instinct’ and a hiring manager’s personal judgement of a candidate rather than any pragmatic evidence. While intuition...

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data driven recruitement

Data Driven Recruitment – What the HR Needs to Know?

By February 20, 2017

The recruiting landscape is ever-changing, and so is the role of a recruiter.  Today’s recruiter has to have a lot of information at his fingertips, and her jobs involve a lot more than just hiring job candidates. Being a successful recruiter now means one has to have a good understanding of digital media, thinks like...

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Talent Analytics

4 Major Benefits of Talent Analytics for Employers

By February 17, 2017

The introduction of talent analytics has been transforming the overall human resources practices for quite some time now. Gone are those days of relying on someone’s gut feeling before hiring a candidate. What is talent analytics? By definition, talent analytics is the efficient application of big data techniques to human resources. It takes into account,...

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