Talent Acquisition

Advantages of a Recruiting Software for Talent Acquisition

By September 4, 2017

The accomplishment of any small or large-sized organization depends heavily on its workforce; which is why hiring is one of the most crucial tasks taken care by recruitment professionals. Hiring the right candidate means ensuring that the business runs efficiently. Furthermore, employees who perform exceptionally become the life force of the organization. However, the task...

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Recruitment Outsourcing

10 Unsurpassed Benefits of Recruitment Outsourcing

By August 2, 2017

When selecting an HR product or service, one of the major concerns is, “How is it going to be beneficial for the organization?” If a mid or large-sized organization opts a recruitment outsourcing provider, then the employer must understand that the advantages of the service, both short term and long term are enormous. For the...

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Employer Branding

Learn Employer Branding from General Electric, Airbnb & Salesforce

By July 4, 2017

General Electric (GE), Airbnb and Salesforce have consistently topped the ‘Best Companies to work for’ list. From their very startup era, these brands have shared a common ingredient behind their success– great employer branding. As a startup, your pivotal need is to establish a foothold in the market that would help you scale up rapidly....

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