Top 10 Companies in India Where Millennials Want to Work

By Published August 30, 2017
attracting and retaining millennials

Much has been written about attracting and retaining millennials at workplaces across the globe. The same is applicable for the Indian subcontinent as well. There has been an immense rise in the Millennials’ population in India of late, and this has been instrumental in driving the current workplace culture.

It has been observed that most millennials want to work for big tech giants like Google and Amazon. However, what is it that makes them so eager to work for tech companies to be accurate?

Studies conducted on these grounds have found out that since the world’s leading tech companies tend to offer a host of benefits including the likes of paid sabbaticals. Along with this, Millennials see these companies as providing them the required compensation and even career growth that they look forward.

attract and retain millennials

When discussing top job factors for accepting a good job offer, Millennials opined that substantial career growth as the first point followed by benefits and even some travel opportunities (possibly international). Salary, though an important factor often featured at the second or third point for them. That organization has to be on their toes to be able to attract and retain millennials.

The top 10 companies that Indian millennials want to work for are explained in the paragraphs below:

1. Google

Well, the global tech giant continues to be the number one choice for Indian millennials to work for. Right from a brand name to offering excellent compensation along with a host of exciting benefits – the company offers an extensive list of reasons to millennials to work for.

2. Microsoft

The next company in line also happens to a tech giant and a competitor of the former. While the four bright colors seem quite tempting, the brand name, compensation and career opportunities happen to be major takeaways in terms of attracting and retaining millennials.

3. Flipkart

This decade-old e-commerce giant continues to be one of the top choices for Indian millennials. Though it faced some tough times in the near past, it was successful in overcoming all those challenges and bounced back to its former position of being India’s top e-commerce giant. Benefits like time off and good compensation packages make it one of the better choices in terms of workplaces for Indian millennials.

4. Amazon

An MNC and a rival of home-grown Flipkart, continues to be favorite workplace for millennials in India. The e-commerce giant seems to be on a massive mission of touching lives through the online domain. Right from storing data to delivering any of our new buys, Amazon appears to have almost become a part and parcel of our lives. Well, that’s why probably one of reasons why millennials find the organization attractive to work for.

5. KPMG India

With a client base of 2700 companies, KPMG, one of the “Big Four” s surprisingly happens to be a leading choice for Indians—millennials and others alike. Once a part of this group, employees get to tackle a host of exciting projects pertaining to tax and audit services such as boost in e-commerce in India to urbanization of Maharashtra and the other main government projects.  While these challenging tasks may tempt millennials, the organization has also excelled in other ways of attracting and retaining millennials.

6. Adobe

The US based computer and software giant also has a huge presence in India. It is considered one of the best innovation hubs in the domain because 30 percent of its Research and Development (R&D) centre is located in India – the biggest outside its headquarters. The company has also been on hiring spree in the recent past – especially attracting millennials and also working towards fostering workplace diversity.

7. HCL Technologies

The fourth-largest software exporter services provider, HCL Technologies is the next organization in line where Indian millennials want to work. The culture if HCL Technologies has been defined as the one of “ideapreneurship” where new ideas are not only welcomed but also fostered significantly. The very concept of encouraging new ideas and of course in the process implementing the same has been one of the central aspect of attracting and retaining millennials.

8. Oyo Rooms

The sole competitor from the hospitality segment has been doing the rounds for top companies to work for some time now. With significant expansion plans and substantial investment opportunities from investors, OyoRooms has turned out to be one of the best places where young India wants to work.

9. Accenture

Accenture, a global services company along with providing IT services happens to second last choice where Indian millennials want to work. With a client base spanning across 120 countries, Accenture truly believes in the idea of learning and development of its employees. In its last fiscal year, the company invested $941 million to develop its employee’s skill sets including training nearly 60% of its employees at the India centres. Needless to say, such efforts by organizations go a long in the course of attracting and retaining millennials.

10. Cognizant

The last but not the least in the queue happens to be the IT and outsourcing giant Cognizant. It’s non-hierarchical culture, and well-defined career paths are some of the significant aspects that have managed to attract and retain millennials. That along with this, the numerous benefits and attractive compensation packages make it one of the best places to work for in India.


Source: Forbes & LinkedIn




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