How to make the most of your ATS with integrated Semantic Search?

By Published May 25, 2017
CV Parsing

If the questions like these, “Have I utilized my legacy recruitment system in the best way?” or “How do I make the most of my application tracking system?” or “OK, I procured the most acceptable ATS in the market, what next?”, Still, bother you. So the next best thing happen to your recruitment system is CV Parsing, Semantic Search & Match technologies that can augment & improve the candidate experience, makes it faster and easier to find the most suitable candidates.

CV Parsing

Even as an Enterprise user, say Taleo’s, you already understand the high-value proposition delivered through the product. However, there is tremendous scope for improvement in some areas of the system. Especially the application process, search results and matching capabilities. Semantic Search technology transforms the entire experience by 360 degrees – replacing the extensive online form and adding contextual & strategic matching capabilities.

To build the right perception for the organization HR leaders need to ensure candidate experience creates the right impression.

The Apply-with-Widget is a quick fix solution for giving an exhilarating experience and reduces the drop-off rate for applications. Candidates expect a seamless and mobile application process with least possible interruptions.

CareerBuilder’s Textkernel, market first & highly accurate resume parsing technology does just that and builds the correct searchable data from Extract!.

Here the candidate resume can be submitted through various modes like Linkedin, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Direct file submission or form submission.

Textkernel’s Search! & Match! capability directly helps find the right talent by expanding the query and including interpretations of it to retrieve the right profiles from the internal resume database as well as connected social media or professional networking channels.

For the recruiter, it saves the tremendous amount of time and effort in bringing data from multiple sources in one dashboard.

It eases the process of fetching the most suitable candidates with least amount of time invested in internal searching & matching the database while technology does the work in the background and shows the output on your dashboard.

If you’re unable to achieve this from your existing ATS, would you need to buy a new recruitment system or replace it?

Absolutely not! Textkernel provides a modular access via an API (Application Programming Interface) to make it easy to add a semantic solution to your existing system. All it then does is to handshake between two interfaces. Hence, without reinventing the whole wheel, one can only upgrade to extremely accurate resume parsing, semantic resume search sourcing and matching capability to the existing recruiting process.

Textkernel in its full potential empowers the recruiting process. Help you scan a high volume of CVs using Extract! and convert them into a meaningful and organized database. The data so organized will help you find the CVs that are otherwise not revealed in searches. The monitoring mechanism Sourcebox lets you update recruiters with notifications. Hence, it saves a lot of recruiters’ time from searching and finding talent within least stipulated time and investing it into more productive areas of the recruitment function.

To learn more about Semantic Search integrated ATS and CV pasring technology, click here.

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