Making the Most of the Millennials at Workplace – An Infographic

By November 10, 2017

With the industrial landscape becoming more competitive than ever, the war for talent is continuously intensifying with each passing day. Now with millennials joining the workforce in large percentages, the way of working and the culture at workplaces have undergone a drastic change. The particular characteristics of millennials-such as their aspirations, ambitions, and desire to...

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Team management skills

6 Team Management Skills Every Great Leader Needs to Succeed – Infographic

By July 27, 2017

An effective team leader has a variety of characteristics and traits that inspire team members to follow him or her. Apparently, each team member has a different communication style and brings a unique skill set to the table. To manage a team you need more than a right attitude - you need excellent team management...

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5 Candidate Attraction Strategies that Never Fails (Infographic)

By July 8, 2017

While organizations understand the need for sales and marketing strategies that generate revenue, several employers seem to overlook such techniques when developing a candidate attraction strategy for their organization. Top industry and HR leaders consider recruitment to be a two-way process. Selling the open job position to prospective talent is as important as candidates sell...

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Learning and Development

Cross Training for Organizational Success and Productivity

By September 13, 2017

Many managers and employees do not consider cross-training in their organization. Each division is comfortable doing its daily tasks. Some employees enjoy their designated jobs and relevant tasks while some don't. The business continues to function from day to day, but it struggles with staffing and other daily conflicts. In lots of ways, cross-training as...

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