8 Significant Trends That Will Shape the Future of Workplaces

By Published October 5, 2017
Workplace Trends

Technological advancements have been instrumental in shaping both our private and personal lives to a great extent. These significant technical changes have successfully revolutionized the way workplaces function in modern times. In the next few years, the ides of the present workplace is expected to undergo several changes and thus give rise to an entirely new kind of workforce and even workplaces.

Workplace Trends

From hiring and recruiting to employee engagement, organizations across the globe are reshaping their structures and methods. Let’s take a look at how the future of workplace will be shaped in the coming times.

#1. Full-time employment to become rarer

Well, this might come as a surprise to many, but it is a fact that gradually, the full-time job may not be the criterion for a very long period. If we rewind to the 80s or even the early 90s, it will be no surprise for an employee to retire from a company where he probably joined as a trainee. Fast forward to present times. Gone are the days mentioned above. A millennial is expected to switch jobs every two years now. This implies that millennials would ideally have more than 15 jobs to showcase on their resumes during their professional tenure.

23.5 million Workers, 15.5% of the U.S workforce, fall into the category of the independent contractor/self-employed worker. Source

Long-term employment is now a story of the past and would probably soon fade into oblivion.

#2. Look beyond the traditional four walls

Remote working is something that is becoming rampant with each passing day. A workplace without an office might become the norm two decades down the line. Let’s take a look at this example – WordPress powers 28 percent of the internet; has more than 400 employees across 40 countries yet there’s no physical office.

#3. Learning is the next major thing

There’s a saying – You must unlearn what you have learned. Learning has always been and will continue to be an integral part of our lives. Individuals are already realizing the need to invest in upskilling and acquiring new skills is something that is going to rule in the coming times. Or else the feeling of irrelevance and redundancy will grip in soon.

Companies like SimpliLearn, Coursera and others are already catering to the services in these categories and helping young individuals to enhance their skills further and thereby boost their careers.

#4. Making way for the younger generation

Annual listings like Forbes 30 under 30 or Fortune 40 under 40 are becoming a fad. So, why not? The leadership landscape is undergoing a rapid revolution. Young leaders across the globe are emerging and redefining leadership considerably. Start-ups have cropped up like anything, and the average age of CEOs are reducing from 60 to 30 years. More young leaders are out there on the forefront, making a bolder decision and of course redefining leadership roles. In today’s age, a company cannot upgrade itself without good innovation. Young and dynamic CEOs with the proper kind of attitude happen to be the perfect fit. Reporting to bosses as young as 27–30 might become the norm in the coming times.

#5. Flexible working conditions and embracing diversity

The next significant trend that would shape or redefine future workplaces would be the availability of flexible working hours and organizations embracing diversity mostly. Organizations will have to realize at finding the appropriate work-life balance would ideally be utopic and somewhat tricky to achieve. Therefore, they must embrace the idea of flexible working conditions, offer work-from-home opportunities and probably offer sabbaticals.

On the other hand, diversity is something that they will also have to embrace and take care of it. An increase in the number of women employees demands significant changes and those have to be meted out.

#6. Rise of new collaborative technologies

The emergence of new collaborative technologies is all set to redefine and reshape the way we look into the workplace trends. Innovation and advent of recruiting technologies would be driving the domain of workplace in the coming years.

These technologies are now, of course, giving us freedom and the flexibility to work from anywhere possible and anytime and on any device. Being able to find subject matter experts, connecting with people around has become a possibility that did not exist earlier. Hierarchies are now being flattened as every employee now can join or communicate with anyone at the company. This is even regardless of seniority. Systems are being connected and opportunities magnified with each passing day.

#7. Shift to the cloud

The next significant trend that would be reshaping the world of workplace would be a shift to the cloud. Cloud solutions are something that all businesses need to take care of. Moving to the cloud will ensure that companies run smoothly and in a much better fashion.

#8. Talent engagement

Talent engagement would be the next significant trend that would be facing the workplace of the future. Your employees are the most important stakeholders – therefore treat them like customers. Now, this pattern is here to stay for long. In spite of all the transformations and changes – engagement continues to play an important role.

Millennials seek beyond an excellent salary package – they want to be wooed and retained. An effective strategy for employee engagement goes a long way in benefitting businesses. For a company that is aggressively chasing profits, it is essential to make the journey more memorable for your employees. Positive results are bound to follow.

Rapid technological changes and an increased international competition focus on the need for the workforce to be able to adapt to ever-changing technologies and shifting product demand.

Technology-interceded erudition is a promising tool for lifelong learning, both on the job and through outmoded public and private education and training institutions.

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