Recruitment Marketing Mistakes – 5 Biggest Blunders that can Cost you Top Talent

By Published October 23, 2017
Recruitment Marketing

Prospective Candidates + Recruitment Marketing = Top Talent on Board

This equation appears so simple, isn’t? However, in reality, it is far more complexed as anyone can imagine. We all understand that employees are the asset of every business that can make or break any organization. Therefore, hiring the right person at the right time is always the priority of Talent Acquisition (TA) Team. Even, if one wrong candidate is hired, it can cost a fortune to business. Here, Recruitment Marketing plays a significant role. The more refined and targeted marketing efforts are the better for recruiters to source and hire the best and brightest.

Recruitment Marketing

In this era of Disruptive Technology and dynamic Candidate Marketplace, recruiters need to think and act like marketers. Unfortunately, many recruiters and staffing firms tend to overboard on this idea and make some serious recruitment marketing blunders. This cost them not just top talent but also affect their ROI.

5 Serious Recruitment Marketing Slip-Ups that every Recruiter Must Avoid

1. Vague Job Descriptions

A critical mistake that Talent Acquisition team make is failing to recognize the key selling points of the specific open job position. If you rely merely on general insights then how can you expect to attract applicants that are going to be a match with your organization’s vision for growth and unique culture?

Today, candidates are more selective, and they want to know about the role they are applying for. If your job description is like another laundry list of requirements, then it is hard to get the attention of qualified talent pool.

By developing engaging, exciting and well-rounded job posting, you will be able to entice the cream of the crop.

2. Not Tracking Job Advertising Sources

Every action and strategy needs to be monitored, evaluate and redesigned to achieve better outcomes, regardless the industry and department. Recruitment Marketing is no exception.

It is another mistake that recruiters make when they fail to track the quality of source data. Let’s understand this by the following example:

If you buy a job posting for $300 and it yields 30 applications, then your cost per application is $10 for that source. This is where most of the TA team stop and evaluate their job advertising efforts.

A similar analysis can also be applied at each step of hiring process like, how many of those candidates are selected and how many final hires are made from that source. These data points will provide a better picture of recruitment marketing. It will help recruiters to predict how efficient that source will be when advertising for other open job positions. The more data recruiters collect, the more reliable it will be.

3. Ignoring your Career Page

Career page is an integral part of talent acquisition strategy that should not be neglected. One of the first things candidates will do when considering applying for a role in your company is to visit company’s career site (or page). Many organizations forget that career page is a crucial element of their employment brand that should be informative, user-friendly and professional.

Poorly designed career page would not give the confidence to potential candidates in your organization. Hence, you will lose one potential recruiting resource.

4. Fail to Broaden Horizon

There is no “one-size-fits-all” concept in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Marketing. Every organization is different and so their talent requirements. Most staffing firms and TA specialist restrict themselves to handful sourcing channels and not even try to explore new mediums – which is their biggest mistake.

A perfect recruitment strategy is a combination of traditional as well as contemporary techniques. However, picking the best channels of both should be based on recruitment advertising metrics. Including, which source can deliver more relevant profiles.

5. Fails to Develop Robust Talent Pipeline

Recruitment efforts are not just limited to current open job positions; they are also creating the candidate database for passive recruiting. Having a pool of top talent at your fingertips will save resources and time of the organization.

Therefore, it is vital to put received profiles of candidates in your system and create a robust database. These applicants might not be the right fit for current openings, but they can be an asset for future hiring. Stay in touch with them via emailer and nurture them. As soon as the right position comes up, you may have an early lead and close the position in no time.

These recruitment marketing mistakes are quite common. They are the resultants of sheer ignorance or inadequate knowledge of the talent acquisition team.

Job advertising and recruitment marketing are not hard. However, for satisfactory results, it does need a thoughtful approach. Do not stress yourself just start by avoiding these mistakes; I have outlined above – you will find a much better return on your efforts.

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