4 Roles of an HR Business Partner

By Published October 3, 2017
HR Business Partner

The ever-evolving requirements of the modern day business bring new challenges for organizations on a regular basis. It creates demanding organizational tasks for human resource (HR) leaders. However, the good news is that HR has adapted to the contemporary business evolution to cope with requirements. Now, they understand that they have to be the prominent business partners who must know how to manage the human capital, support the overall targets of the organization and strategize on the key business elements. To achieve them, they continuously upgrade their competencies.

Organizations have larger expectations from their HR leaders and their role as HR business partners. Subsequent points would give you a closer look at the role of HR business partner in today’s work world:

HR Business Partner

1. Assertive to Take Actions

Being the business partner of the modern day organization, the HR leaders must identify and understand the USP of the company (or the client). It allows them to work more closely with the business on critical decision-making. HR leaders are better aware of the market and able to predict their role and challenges more precisely. They are confident enough to take a stand to device necessary human resource actions whenever required.

They strive for more innovative ideas to attract and retain talent, as talent management is a high priority for them. It becomes trickier when the organization is not well aware or resilient to the difficulties. Therefore, the HR has to recognize the role as a consultative element of the business. They need to be extremely assertive in their delivery and implementation of HR initiatives.

2. Working as a Bridge

HR business partners play a significant role as a communication bridge between the managers and employees. It requires close association with business leaders to provide revolutionary and customized resolutions and policies to confront the company’s issues. Considering the contemporary needs, an HR business partner acts as an essential element to boost performance to encourage positive modifications at the workplace. It empowers them to cope with the challenging ventures. Moreover, they work as a key counselor to the management team.

3. Multi-Dimensional Role

Besides managing the operational activities, now multiple strategic elements have been added to the role of HR. Companies rely on HR business partners to consult on developing and implementing their business strategies. They take an active involvement in activities including the strategy execution, predicting the impact of the decisions on the company, calculating the expected consequences and deciding on the evaluation of the success achieved. The transformation in the HR function is taking up different and more vital accountability, which regularly need a substantial quantity of shares acquired by managers who are not the active part of the company to support financially. It would result in a more healthy partnership for a sound development of the enterprise.

4. Aligning better with business goals

HR business partner knows that aligning business goals with HR creative solutions and initiatives would help both the business managers and employees. Here, you should not forget that this position works as an advisor to the organization on human resource related concerns. An HR business partner has a decent knowledge of various HR disciplines on which the following points would highlight some amongst several:

· Employee Retention
· Diversity Management
· Employee Training & Development
· Employee Relations
· Employer Branding
· Talent Acquisition
· Compensation Practices

HR as a business partner has to retain communication, which is robust, operative and transparent with different stakeholders in the company including employees, managers/leaders, senior management, and shareholders. It would not only bring a solidity and efficiency in the HR department and the business, but it would open up new business dimensions for the future!

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