Top 4 HR Skills Required for the Future – 2020 and Beyond

By Published October 17, 2017
HR Skills

In the era of automation and artificial intelligence, there is a massive demand for skill development across industries. And, Human Resources (HR) is no exception that would require some skills to keep itself ongoing in the coming years. The HR is one such domain that has transformed drastically over the years, owing to the intervention of technology.

There are specific HR skills that professionals in the domain need to master so they can continue in the coming future and of course, make the most of it. Indeed, in the forthcoming years, a lot of changes will come up and that too in the domain of learning and development in HR – therefore a lot of HR skills would be required of professionals.

HR Skills

So, what are these skills that are expected of HR professionals in the domain?

Let’s take a look at the following paragraphs for a more precise idea:

#1. Strategy Formulation

So, strategy or the ability to strategize happens to be one of essential understanding or HR skills that professionals in the domain require in the forthcoming years. Experts are of the opinion that, HR professionals gradually need to transcend tactical tasks that will increasingly become automated such as payroll, compliance, and others. And, HR also needs to grow or act as strategic partners to businesses.

Being a strategic partner would be one of the new HR skills that professionals and especially HR leaders would require to work out at a better level. HR leaders who understand organizational strategies, products and services can choose to target processes, programs, and structures to provide direct support and also not get into the way. HR leaders and teams need to have skills, or a proper business mindset can target hiring and recruiting, manage talent and at the same time develop leaders in the way to create the most impact.

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#2. Market Research and Technology

The next significant HR skills that professionals in the human resource domain need to have included the ability to conduct proper market research and also sound awareness about technology. The ability to mine data and generate great insights will be a crucial HR skill. The ideas must be able to drive all people decisions of the organization. Think on the lines—the amount of effort that goes into understanding a customers’ mind and understanding their requirement. Imagine what would be the returns if you invest same rigor in getting insights about your employees as well.

Next, in line happens to be technology and how far HR professionals are adept at the skill of technology in HR? To build a healthy and attractive employer, as an employer you will have to understand the possibilities technology can offer regarding HR skills and how you can leverage the same. For example, millennials learn better through newfound ways – such as videos and social media. How about creating nifty videos? And getting in-house professionals to do it. Well, you will be able to reap the benefits.

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#3. Financial Savvy and Human Savvy

Well, these two aspects might seem to be somewhat tricky to achieve—but they also happen to be required HR skills that would be essential to grow forward in the coming future. HR professionals and leaders will have to understand the overall financial implications of your choices. Implementation of ideas will need to be done in a much humane fashion, and this is no contradiction per se. It is the way in which businesses are expected to operate. While the decision has to be financially viable and also useful for long-term business, leaders of the future workplace will need to keep the human element in mind.

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#4. Creative communications

Communication is something that needs to be worked upon and a pretty much in-demand HR skill for the future. Going forward, the years between 2020 and 2030, the number of millennials will increase manifold within the global workforce and diversity at workplace will reach greater heights.

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HR leaders would require possessing HR skills that would enable them to deal with this new breed to professionals and thus help them become the best.

The times ahead that are coming, challenging and yet full of opportunities. HR leaders and professionals must keep themselves abreast about the latest development and of coursework accordingly.

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