talentstream resume parsing

Talentstream Resume Parsing

An optimized tool that offers high-quality multilingual resume parsing and semantic search capability to accelerate and improve candidate resume database search.


Talentstream Resume Parsing offers high-quality multilingual resume parsing and semantic search capability to accelerate and improve candidate database search. Whether you are a software vendor, an employer, a recruitment or staffing agency; job board or market research agency – our technology can be easily integrated with your existing recruitment process or ATS.

Our expertise in the fields of semantic technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and a profound understanding of the market makes us your ideal technology partner.

How Talentstream Resume Parsing works

Resume parsing seamlessly integrates into the back-end of any CRM or Applicant Tracking System and can be added to the front-end of your career site through the ‘Apply With’ widget. It can be used as a web-based application (in the Cloud) or locally installed software.

Data extracted from the resumes, or social profiles can be customized according to your database fields or the requirements of your current recruitment system. You can then build an optimum CV database ideal for sourcing, analysis and reporting.

Talentstream Resume Parsing Features

‘Apply With’ widget

Resume Parsing software comes with a widget that can be easily added to the website makes it possible for applicants to apply from any device including desktop & mobile, with their profile of choice.

Accurate extraction

With the extensive knowledge of the HR field, coupled with its specialization in cutting-edge machine learning technology makes Talentstream Resume Parsing the most accurate parser in the market.

Semantic search and talent sourcing

Talentstream Resume Parsing and semantic search software enables you to find the right jobs and candidates in your database and external sources efficiently.

File types and data output

Resume Parsing software can handle a wide variety of commonly used document formats including DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, HTML, TIFF, TXT, XML and EML. It is even capable of processing image files such as hard copy CV scans.

Multilingual CV Parsing to easily capture applicant data

Talentstream Resume Parsing automatically turns every resume or social media profile into a complete and searchable candidate record.

Automatically process large volumes of CVs

‘Sourcebox’ feature of the software enables you to majorly automate the job application process. This workflow system has been specifically developed for processing large volumes of CVs.

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