Employer Branding

Employer Branding – Doing the Right Things

By August 28, 2017

Employer branding has gained unprecedented importance as it is now established that a strong employment brand gets 3.5 times more applications per position than the competition. Read from CareerBuilder report. This also helps establish the fact that our Candidate experience needs attention & to be re-looked. Most employers overlook the fact that they are being...

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Everything you would want to know on Diversity

By June 18, 2017

Increasing globalization has brought forward complex situations, one such being – handling diversity. The exposure to worldwide economy brings in vulnerability and inclusive competition. The need of the hour for the management is to maximize and capitalize the situation at hand. Change from this situation is inevitable, and it evolves in bringing in a different...

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CV Parsing

How to make the most of your ATS with integrated Semantic Search?

By May 25, 2017

If the questions like these, “Have I utilized my legacy recruitment system in the best way?” or “How do I make the most of my application tracking system?” or “OK, I procured the most acceptable ATS in the market, what next?”, Still, bother you. So the next best thing happen to your recruitment system is...

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Resume Search Engine

How Semantic search has revamped the Resume Search Engine?

By May 18, 2017

CareerBuilder recently introduced an enhancement with semantic search, on its candidate search engine. What it means for most existing and prospective clients is search change in the way the search query results that recruiter can view on the dashboard. Before we take a deep dive into what semantic search is all about, let’s understand what...

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